Some Sabrewulf's tips

I’ve done this with Xbox One upload studio so it’s limited in many ways, I’m sorry about that :pensive:

Would have prefered to stream it honestly but I can abrely talk right now due to some strange laringytis :weary:
At least I can give just some ideas to other players interested in Sabrewulf, who can later explore his tools to solve some match up problems.

These are very little things that maybe some players that aren’t aware of or haven’t find time to lab may find useful. I’m not a very technical player that much, I would like to solve this by playing by heart alone but I need to go to the lab and try things to find wayt to defend myself. And also training is fun to look for the best combos for you and explore your own style of fighting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
Hope this can help anyone in some way or at least encourage new Sabrewulf players to find other stuff to try out and anything else that helps them to deal with all the characters of the cast.

st : standing
cr: crouching
j : jumping
LP: light punch
MP : medium punch
HP : heavy punch
LK: light kick
MK: medium kick
HK: heavy kick

Video #1

This one it’s not about pressure, but other things.

Remember tere are also more videos in this same forums of how to apply pressure with Wulf. So check them out =D (Tonyathome made some cool videos about that).

Ok, I’ll write a description for what you can see in the video below:

Some tips for Wulf:

  • Damage lockout with a counter breaker. Standard combo with two shadows and then using a heavy hammstring linker will allow Wulf to position himself away from the corner if necessary and can also deal a little more % damage. Also shadow leaping slash will not be breakable and can be baited for a second counter breaker is the person is happy mashing.
    (eg for this: )

  • Safe jump set up (to avoid shadow moves). End it with a hard knock down, time the heavy jump, and there you go.

  • Throw of Overpower spam: Something I’m seeying people abuse is overpower x2. Just keep in mind you can get thrown out from double overpower (back + HP) if they are buffering it or mashing it. Still it will hit the rival if he/she jumps.
    Although previous charged overpower will have better positives frames to throw a second one faster rather than a non charged overpower :smirk:

  • Tricky light ragged edge whiff (won’t work at best with Wulf in the corner, guess it’s a hitbox thing). It can catch people out of guard because of the whiff in the first hit. A bit harder to shadow counter if you are not expecting it.

Match ups:

  • A way to avoid Maya daggers and Shadow Jago fireballs

  • Punishing Glacius hail summon after an ice lance poke which can be also avoided with a cr.MP and cr.HP.

  • Ways to counter Shago’s forward HK + dash through mix up (he can throw you, dp you and cross you up with the teleport kick). using a buffered light eclipse may beat it. But the timing online isn’t cool. Better offline. However, I liked the idea of using the dash :sunglasses: Either way, I do prefer traiding than dealing with all his mix ups.

  • Dashing through Cinder’s trailblazer - dp treat. Of course backdashing and jumping would not help :joy:. Many Cinders like doing that dp to take their turn back. Don’t forget that you can shadow counter that trailblazer (in its fall it hits twice!) but if you want you can block both hits, dash thorugh their dp catch them just all for you to play n_n

  • Punishing Cinder’s trailblazer (ground level in this case) and stopping his shadow trailblazer on reaction. With this you can realise how some shadows have no invincibility frames. But watch out, some shadows ignore throws. You can see all that in the shadows properties in the training mode with the data on.
    Not invincible shadows can be beat with a well timed meaty (like cr,MK that has a nice ammount of active frames to hit).

  • Punishing Hisako’s heavy rekkas cancel into shadow rekka (won’t stop shadow command grab, is way too fast). The Sako player wants you to think it’s your turn to hit, right? with a shadow bar they’ll bait that and mash either shadow rekka (which will catch the jump) or shadow command grab for a hard knock down and have you guessing afterwards.
    Ok, at least you can just throw her out of her shadow rekka on reaction.

  • Omen players love their floaty jump cancels. If they go for that you can knocke them out of the air with a medium eclipse (which is a little faster than the heavy).

  • Punishing some Aria’s assist and showing shadow counter against her Shotgun Knee. If she keeps pushing buttons she will get hit. She can block though.
    Ok, I don’t know how Aria uses her assists very well :sweat_smile:, but the idea is to show that if you hit them she’ll also get hurt.

  • ??? Shadow countering that Kan Ra’s shadow before the right hit sent the character to the other extreme of the world :thinking::rofl:

video #2

Meaty buttons! (0:07)

I’m using crouching heavy punch (sweep) for the hard knock down.

  • Cr .LP (x2) it’s very good for avoiding some characters’ backdashes. This includes any other Wulfs that loves backdashing at their wake up (I’m sorry for giving you away :cold_sweat:)

  • You can meaty cr.LP , then st. LP and cr. MP to mix lows and standing. Of course you could risk an overhead move, but remember it can get punished if they block it. If Wulf has instinct, then you can use it to make the overhead attack or the low sepcial attack (hammstring) safe .

  • a meaty cr. MK is fast and has some nice active frames to hit. I like it for when I play online where the timing has to be adjusted (well,I mess my offline timing too :sweat_smile:). The difference between a nice cr. MP is that the kick version is more positive while the punch is -2 on block.

  • Afraid they can wake up grab you? cr. LK and st LK will do the trick. You can also just use st. LK alone, but not that close, time it well or you will be thrown out of the animation. The good thing is cr. LK is faster than the stading version. Those buttons are also safe on block, so you can still pressure ( or play with tick thorws :sunglasses:) your opponent. Whatch out for shadow counter though! :scream: (0:56)

  • For corner pressure you can use all this buttons: (1:10)

    • cr. LK : because is really safe on block and has little pushback (frametrapping!)
  • cr: LP : looking for a low mix up? I can also be chained

  • cr: MK : Covers a little more distance than the LK and it’s safe.

  • OVERPOWER: command move (Back + HP). It’s not limited to the corner, of course you want to use it everywhere. But watch out, it’s not as fast on startup as the game’s frame data says it is. Using it after some possitive buttons (as the ones mentioned above) it’s a good idea to keep your pressure going and to close the distance (even great for whiff punishes!). Find the right pression string for you and take advantage of Wulf’s wonderful buttons .
    This command will do great if they try to jump between a safe button and overpower, if the timing is on point.

Did you know? (1:56)

  • St. MK can combo into cr. LK (and even cr. MK) :wink:

Stagger and Flip outs

Wulf’s stagger covers some nice distance and it’s cute for people trying to…for instance, backdashing in the corner.
It’s not a positive button, but it can have different uses as you can see in the video (2:12)

Flip outs on the other hand are a mix up tool after a launcher. You can do many mix ups with it, from an overpower (which I forgot to include in the video) to lows, throws, dashes…Just be creative. See what works best for you and against your opponent options (2:25)

Meaty cr MP and basic Anti Airing (2:55)

  • it’s indeed a nice button with great range and would help to punish and therefore start a lot of combos. Just be careful of those low crushing moves some opponents have (eg Thunder anckle slicer, Jago’s Wind Kick, Glacius cold shoulder, etc).
    If they back dash it, time it expecting they do so. However, some characters (Riptor, Maya, Cinder…) willl roll/run out of it =/
    If your timing on your meaty wasn’t great and you have time to react for an anti air eclipse, do it. If not, just block standing.

Anti Air tools (3:34)
cr. HK: Very nice AA button. Don’t let them obviously jump at you. This is a basic thing in every figthing game. When you start playing any and pick a character you shoud think “hmm, which buttons/ command / special can I use for anti airing?”. Ok, here you have one, use it, it will come in handy.

Eclipse: Ok, consider this is not an invincible move and that the hitbox doesn’t match the visual effect in the screen :unamused: however is still a veeery nice move. Unlike cr.HK it hasn’t got many active frames, but in the start up is faster (specially the light version, which is 3 frames). Eclipse, when properly timed, it’s one of the best not invincible anti airs out there ( okok, surely not even as good as the old dp Wulf had in KI2, I’ll give you that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

Video #3

So, you like being a bit risky on your reads or just try it for fun and see if your opponent says “Oh not this kind of ‘stuff’ please, WULF IS BROKEN”. Which we know it’s not true. Because some reads, as simple as they are, require reflexes and timing. Ok, like everything in fighting games :joy: most of the time :thinking:

So lets see this along with some match up tips.

Dashing through wake up dps

Yes, you can dash through certain dps, not all. But here some examples (0:07)

  • Mayas QCB + K / Cinder’s dp / Glacius puddle punch (heavy version in the video) / TJ’s Powerline (harder to time, but possible)

Wake up forward dash

Yes, people use it with Wulf, because he can and it’s one of his treats. It can be useful if you think an overhead it’s comming. You can even dash forward Wulf overpower if they miss their timing :scream:). A perfect example is dashing thorugh Jago’s overhead. (1:47)
As you can see the overhead it’s not fast enough and that lets you even to wake up light eclipse or mash something. Have done this against Spinal too.
However I’m not sure if this is all messed timing…So don’t rely much on it, just as a risky read.
And a warning: dashing forward thorugh Rash’s overhead when Wulf is in the corner it’s not a great idea. The toad may catch him either way.

Punishing some neutral jumps with st.HP (2:03)

This normal reminds me of that one Wulf had in KI2, however is not that strong. Still is good to punish some jumps in the right situation. I found it useful in this Kan Ra match up. But if you want to guarantee a hit maybe eclipse could be a better choice.

MUs Lab

Spinal: Just trying to punish his overhead attemp with simple buttons. Started with the idea of shadhing through it but honestly it seems too risky. Trying to punish his approach with safer buttons seems to be a better idea. (2:29)

Omen and Aganos

As @MnTLetalis said:

  • Use shadow leap slash to punish the stomp if you’re within range.
  • One for fighting omen. He can’t abuse normal into fireball vs wulf
    There’s gaps in between his fireball pressure. Wulf can simply mash sweep to get a trade in his favor of omen is trying to abuse it.

MU lab

  • Against Riptor: When she’s knocked down and has to wake up and choses backdash + HK.
    I went to the lab to find good options against these players that wake up like this. With Wulf you can either:

    • Dash through and meaty (eg: cr.LP x2) to catch her running to the wrong side.
    • Jump Heavy kick after a hard knock down or soft knock down
  • Talon rake + punch/kick
    Tested the talon rake + MP fire/ HK (tailflip). Buffering light eclipse will knock her out of the air. It’'s also possible to punish her with a light punch =D (harder when she does the tail flip). Tested this in a stream the other day (pardon my English)

A tip for fighting aganos.

Use shadow leap slash to punish the stomp if you’re within range.

One for fighting omen. He can’t abuse normal into fireball vs wulf
There’s gaps in between his fireball pressure. Wulf can simply mash sweep to get a trade in his favor of omen is trying to abuse it.

Another one ive seen for cinder(as well as Maya). Wulf’s forward dash can be timed to beat their wake ups. Though it takes a bit of practice.


*** Updated post with last videos :grinning: ***
If any other Wulf wants to corroborate/suggest or participate is very welcome.

I was aware about the dash against Cinder and Glacius, but never tried it against Maya (maybe because meaties beats her QCB K) .

About the Aganos punish still not that easy. I mean, I know it’s viable, but I’m doubting of my advantages when he has his armour completed. I thought I could punish him from a little farther, but I think I can not get it every time. Will check it and practice more later.

And the Omen, I don’t know if that’s what you were talking about. I usually try to press buttons looking for the gaps. I tried normal medium fireball normal. however it’s kind of hard recording it the way I want, heh. he is a challenge itself. But the main issue to me is how good is the player with him. Same as Jago, is a MU I practiced more than others and I feel more comfortable with.

Sorry I havent had my computer for a bit, it’s been in the shop getting upgraded :nerd_face: I LOVE THIS POST! I never knew that you could dach through Cinders and Mayas DP’s! This certainly is a revelation! lol. About the Aganos stomp… would it be possible to take a step forward after block and use st. HK? would it punish button presses and a throw attempt and also ignore his armor to lead to a combo? If not, would we recover fast enough to at least block a normal in time?

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It’s hard. Maybe overpower could be better and will leave you in advantage, to bait throws for instance.
You can try sweep, but it’s tricky, different from Glacius. Aganos can crush lows with that button.

Added some Riptors MU tips today =)
I added them in the end of the first post in this same thread.

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Ehehehehehehehe, I’m going to enjoy using this


Eh. Omen still beats wulf’s ■■■ despite this lol.


I’m sure. But any time there’s a situation in a bad match up that can be solved with Mash Sweep, it automatically becomes more fun in the eyes of the Fwuf


I had an Omen pretty much dead tonight (almost magic pixel) but then he got me with demonic despair and got a combo (with firewall slide, little lag, couldn’t react). 82% of my life gone and comeback for him :’(
It was a cool match though.

That match is hard. But Still I can say I prefer it over other characters. Maybe because I’m more used to it.

Dont feel bad @MaruMDQ, he beats my ■■■ all the time lol. Same with you actually! Your wulf is freaking amazing!! I cant even begin to fathom how I got you on your second life bar. Maybe I should give myself a bit more credit… but that doesnt mean I dont have a lot to learn. TEACH ME MARU SENPAI!!! lol

You did very good! Your Wulf is no joke Sir :sunglasses:

Just use some more buttons to pressure Wulf (or anyone else) =), he has them!. You got me nice with the dash through cr.lights. But after some reads I was expecting it and could counter it (however dashing through is powerful online since it’s not easy to react to).

Also you surprised me with overpower meaty. However I prefer to use it depending on the situation and more as a pressure tool during neutral and less in wake up game (there are ways to deal with it, but is still good to scare or make people nervious and bait stuff in their wake up).
I eat a lot of overheads, but that has to do with my reflexes being rusty (#grounupwomanslowreactions :laughing: ).

Remember the second Omen player? that was my boyfriend. It was a close match but I still made a lot of mistakes. I misstimed all the eclipses because they bait them all. Very good adaptation from both Omen players.
About the demonic despair I ate for a 81% damage…Well, I didn’t hold block enough, I was expecting to block the fireballs and punish with throw :disappointed_relieved:
The first Omen played a bit different from my boyfriend. My main mistake in that fight was not punishing with shadow counter his forward HP which wasn’t being covered by a fireball and that I aproached he match thinking he was going to play like other Omens. However…Demonic Despair, that’s it LOL.

I would like to play Letalis again, he’s a defensive player, I would like to remember how his Omen plays n_n (blockstrings were strong…)


Maybe some of these tips can help :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot this helps as a Sabrewulf and riptor main.

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No problem! I’m glad if I could help a bit =)