Some juggle tech and F+MP instinct cancel into nice combo

Sorry if I am reinventing wheel over here, never did such a video before F+MP into quite damaging juggles some fancy juggles too

I dont know how useful they will be but if u have spare instinct i think its worth a shot.


I didn’t know Tusk could juggle like that. Especially with his standing Heavy Punch. That was cool. Thanks!

I like the f.MP x INSX starter, that’s clever.

It makes me want to try Tusk to be honest, lol.

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I hear that.

But, then again, everything I see makes me want to try every character. This game is a bloody character crisis! I’ve been playing for a year and can’t play anyone cuz I just keep roaming the cast - mostly cuz of stuff like this!

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Thanks for your feedback, glad you`ve like it!

Also to make this juggle guessing nightmare, after DP you can use air skull splitter due to Instinct ability.


I like this too, very cool.

@VerminatorX For juggles that involve popping instinct I would strongly recommend actually making use of said instinct for the resulting juggle. Unless you’re a jedi with counter breakers this would get stopped immediately by the 1st or 2nd DP followup.
You’ve certainly got the right idea in your last post mentioning air skull splitter after DP, but going even further you can continue juggling with grounded skull splitters and even cancel the Light DP into a skull splitter before leaving the ground. The combined mixing of these will give you decent damage and also make it easy to cash out with Shadow DP by allowing you a lot of choice for when Tusk is standing on the ground.

Again, thanks for that F+MP thing, I like it.


Thanks for the input. Honestly I did not bother with light DP into grounded skull splitters. Sometimes I did these accidentally resulting in facepalm-worthy whiffs.

DP’s into skull splitters provide enough guessing situation for the opponent IMO. Actually the only players that were breaking out of this are silvers and golds who ignorantly guess break xD

I agree, I’m just suggesting to also use air skull splitters into ground skull splitters as needed. It allows you to maximize your KV meter while also still being able to Shadow DP cash out since you can control when Tusk is grounded vs airborne during the business.

@DoomguyEx2 You should share these videos here if this is you. These Tusk juggles are insanity man, I can’t even fathom attempting them yet lol.

Just search twitter tag @DoomguyEx, Click Media and enjoy!!