1. Can we have in the close future a NiGht of wel a day version of all the stages?

  2. Also the possibility to chose what colors costume we wil to use togheter with ours mimic or shadow skin.
    the last one should be easy to implement , because actually we can chose to put the cursor to the gold skin, then go back with B button then chose de costume we want.
    Now what should perfect be, is the possibility to first set the cursor on the mimic or shadow skin, then go back with B button then the costume and the colors from my costume to choose.

I really hope that you could give us that present

I don’t see this happening for the sole fact that priorities such as bug patches and balancing may take priority over little things like this

yeah I got you but sometime from littles things “details” can come big ones " beautifull visual effect adapted to some characters and costume that we self chose to set".
im pretty sure that this little details would make many peoples happy

I’d expect something small like this to be packaged with a huge update (i.e. a Season 4) occurring.

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I wish they would have done a colour swap for the stages given to the remixed characters personally. Get rid of the lightning and turn it to a calm dusk for Hisakos stage when playing as Shin.

@Ravan86 came up with some great mockups of this if i remember correctly <3


Budgets, priorities, and important stuff. Keep those three things in mind when adding to this topic.

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Retro and standard Rash is the same model. I’d really like to be able to use retro accessories on standard Rash and vice versa.

Really want to rock the Toad’em set with Rainbow Rash :skull: :rainbow: :metal:

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