Some art I did

Hey guys here’s some fan art of various ames I loved! some are concepts or takes on characters from my favorite games.
Posting here cause this art doesn’t really have anything to do with KI.

Here’s a concept of Chaos from Primal-Rage. After Justathereptile and I finish Armadon vs Sauron he’s going to be the focus of our next animation…not looking forward to it…

Here’s a little concept of Sauron. Always imagined him as a T-rex on steroids. He was one of the hardest hitters in the game and he should look like one

Finally here’s a pic of Diablo from Primal Rage, one of my favorites.

Here’s one of Atomic guy from King of the Monsters2: The Next thing


Nice, very nice artwork indeed

Diablo really look amazing.

Always loved Sauron, great artwork pal

Thanks :smiley: I appreciate that

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thank you Sauron was fun to do

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Sweet artworks you made there, @JEFFRON27

Loved Primal Rage. My childhood favorite dinosaur fights in a game.

Same, like Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat, it was one of the biggest games in my childhood as well.


Nice! Love the balance between detail and cleanliness, realism and animation.
I remember some of the 3d shorts you posted up on the old forums. Are they still around?

I think you miht be able to find those videos somewhere in the KI art section. The thing is, I’d post it incase it wasn’t buuut…since I’m note sure I think I might risk spamming the place XD