Some achievement help please :)

My shadow has 86 battles under his belt, and I would like to reach a 100 for the achievement, preferably before season 3 starts, since I dont know what the implication of season 3 might mean for shadow mode, glitches, resets, etc.

I’d like to stay ahead of that.
So would 14 kind madames et monsieurs fight my Aganos for me?

Would be much appreciated :smile:

Okay, got it. I will challenge for a few more matches…

Do you have 1 shadow or 2? It can be quicker if you have 2, get both Shadows challenged by someone, choose the achievement-needing character to return the bounties, the opponent will have no choice but to play against that character and it can keep going until you want to stop it.

Does someone mind challenging my shadows? I thinking of deleting mine soon and want to get the fachievements before i do that. I do have two as well and they have a long way to go in terms of battles fought.

Only have one at the moment, had two but challenges got spread out between the two and figured it would take longer to get a single character to a 100 so deleted the other one.

Up to 88, need 12 more :slight_smile:

Just make your shadow good and people are more likely to run across it by accident. That’s what I did and my shadow gets like 20 matches a day.

Making your shadow good is dependant on my skill, I cant make it better than it is :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, what other ways are there to get your shadow challenged

Challenge my shadow too pls, gt Gyz da Wiz. I have 2 shadows, I’ll challenge yours too ofc

I’ll give it a shot tomorrow :slightly_smiling:

My Glacius Shadow is in the 80s too, nobody challenges him anymore though.

I’ll give it a shot tomorrow crimson :slightly_smiling:

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Crimson and wiz added you to my friends list and challenged your shadow.

I only need 6 challenges myself :slightly_smiling:

Keep it coming guys!

I will challenge you again later today

Thanks for helping this far guys, only need 1 more right now, so who will give me the final blow?

If anyone Anyone wants fight my jago gt is Diamond Visi0n