Solution to Trouble Finding Ranked Matches

Have noticed this problem in the game for a while now and also people often bring this up on the forums usually saying “is anyone online? I can’t find a ranked match.” The problem can be fixed with the following.

When first booting up the game and searching for a Ranked game you can never find a match. Only way to fix it is by going to another part of the game like Shadows or Exhibition and then returning to Ranked then you can immediately find a match.

I just got the KI games and can’t seem to find an online match of any sort. Have people stopped playing online? I would love to play some KI Classic online, as well.

I have no issues finding matches. Are you WIFI connected or Hard lined? If Wifi…try using a hard line Ethernet cable. Go to walmart or an electronics store and get a 50 ft Ethernet cat5 line for about 20$ or online for even cheaper.

this will give you the best connection and you will never have issues with lag or DL waiting time.

its makes like a 75% better connection…trust me.

Thanks so much for your response. Without it, I probably would have spent the next several days regretting my Xbone purchase, thinking that PS4 had much better online communities. Turns out that I needed to change a setting on my router. Now I’m able to find opponents in games no problem, though it doesn’t seem like many people are playing KI Classic.

Not too many people play KI Classic, but I’m sure you could find somebody in the forums. :smile: