Anybody got to that yet? it seemed like an interesting thing going on there. Thought we’d talk about it.

What are you talking about?? :confused:

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It’s something that was mentioned in SL. I’ve forgotten the details.

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Funny that this topic appears, as I just unlocked “The Hatchery’s Secret” achievement last night. I don’t think that there’s another dossier related to Wyvern-X other than the trio of hatchery ones though.

It would’ve been really cool if a new fighter based on that series of story missions turned out to be an extremely mutated dinosaur-alien monster hybrid! Imagine if the hatchery ran out of the intended stalker dinosaur and unexplained “alien” DNA, and created one more hybrid before shutting down: A brutal stegosaurus/triceratops/t-rex/alien-beast hybrid freak that now roams the earth to devour/crush anything in its way! RARRR!

Just dreaming out loud… :green_heart:



haha that would be intresting :slight_smile: