So will the Steam release finally bring on mods?

I know the Xbox version cannot be modded for obvious reasons.
The Windows version was hard to mod since it was a pain to access the files.
Now that its on Steam, logically the files will be easily accessible right?

I’d love to see stuff like custom character colors, even if they’re only client side.

I hope someone brings in the music mods. And Skulls!!!

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I want to see a retro Fulgore mod that changes his current head for a KI2 version.
I’d say do more, but to be honest from the neck down Fulgore’s retro IS the KI2 Fulgore already.

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I’d like to see the same for retro Glacius, flatten out his snowplow face to look like the KI2 one. I know people say Glacius is one of the most faithful retros but as a Glacius main from the 90s, its really not. at. all. like. his. retro. face.

Really though I just wanna see small stuff at first though like texture mods, custom colors, stuff like that. Maybe swapping out meshes or putting retro accessories on normal costumes (as was implied they would look into doing officially).

Its kinda sad though there was a lot of promising mod work starting on the forums with the Orchid retro rework and stuff but it all died off. Hopefully it picks back up now.

Why do people want mods? It’s not official content. And no one person on their home computer can do better than the actual developers.

What? Yes they can. There are mods whose sole purpose is to do something better than the developers did it whether it’s graphical enhancements, performance improvements, bug fixes, or unofficial balance patches.

Modded SF5 skins are better than most of official ones.

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You must not be familiar with PC gaming, modding breathes life into games that would otherwise be dead. Why do you think Skyrim is still relevant? Its not because of anything Bethesda is doing.

I didn’t think Skyrim WAS still relevant. But yes, your right. I’m not familiar with PC Gaming. I’m already hesitant to spend the money on consoles, but add on the thousands of dollars a good PC can cost you over it’s lifetime. No thank you. Not to mention, I’m pretty sure modding is illegal.

I’ve thought of a couple of feasible mods that the community can tackle (assuming that the devs don’t make Hex engine wiki/documentation freely available for more ambitious things but still make the game mod friendly)

-pre-Season 1 healthbars. They appear to still be in the game if you move the UI in the options menu. I prefer them and the whole grindhouse theme in general.

-Making Jago’s laser sword and Endokuken green.

-swap Killer Cuts songs from training into actual stage BGM.