So... why aren't Omen and Shago purple, now?

If the excuse for the garish purple is that story has now become important… Why aren’t Omen and Shago and so on have gone purple in their default effects?

Shago even has a blue action figure with blue shadow effects. I’m watching Keits S3 stream right now and everything is still blue despite his entire storyline and Omen storyline being about shadow power.

The story may explain that too…?

Garish huh?

I’m quite fond of the purple, so I guess if the VFX for shago and omen turn purple that would just be swell.


Would be a pretty big cop-out, like a lot of the storylines in S1 and S2 and a lot of the reasons they have given to changing some characters but not others (compare TJ, Tusk, Wulf… Lorewise some were kept in continuity others not, all based on what Adam or whoever liked instead of some consistent reason).

Compare the S2 and S3 main screen with the video running in the back. S3 does look garish. Look at the S3 vs screen. The green and purple clash with everything else regardless of character. Same for the purple in shadow moves. The old shadow effect didn’t clash with any color. The new one does. With nearly everything. But that’s not the point of the thread. The point is, they can’t even commit to their own excuses for changing things willy-nilly.

If their excuse for adding green, purple (and orange) to every stage, move, screen is the lore suddenly mattering, then their better own up and make the characters that are actually based on said lore go purple too.

Embrace what they did.


Yeah it is inconsistent. Chalk that up to the list of other visual inconsistencies in KI. Although you may see differently, I welcome the addition of purple vfx. But I do agree that for the sake of consistency they should change Shadow Jago’s and Omen’s vfx immediately. Unless they try to say something along the lines of “blue is the base power of shadow, a weaker form of sorts. Purple is the more powerful and advanced form of shadow, so since Omen is chaotic he therefore is unable to transcend to the heightened purple state.” On some hadoken vs metsu hadoken stuff.

That’s a good question… It doesn’t add up.


Maybe some folks still want them blue?..

Maybe they can add a toggle kappa


I really like to purple too. It reminds me of the title screen background of the original Killer Instinct game; which was a dark purple. I really feel like the purple fits the game well because of that.


Good post.

When i ‘m considering IG’s approach of S3, only thing that comes out to my mind is George Lucas’ Vision and owrk on Episode 1-3. Definetley love his work, wut got the head to stuck into their own love - and fanboyism- to take rational decisions.

Probably because it would look weird and take extra effort they’re not interested in spending. They might bother tying it into the story, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Both characters have purple color options. This complaint was addressed before it was made.

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This pretty much sums up my feelings on the purple shadow moves. On the one hand I think it looks cool, but on the other hand it clashes with the rest of any given character’s colour palette.
I could see strategic character choices going a long way here, like playing as purple or pink Cinder or something, but ultimately I find it to be rather jarring most of the time.

I think the best example I can give is how Spinal has turned into a rainbow factory. I understand the reasoning behind color coding his skulls, but I never really agreed with it from an artistic standpoint. Today watching Adam’s stream and seeing Noah using retro bright green Spinal shooting bright purple and yellow skulls while covered in a giant vibrant purple dbz aura really put me off suddenly, and I actually think green and purple usually pair pretty well.

The clear onion slicing shadow effect served to accent the characters while they did their thing, and the smokey ink effect simply looked awesome as is which, for me at least, provided an incredible retro-90’s video game vibe. Now the thick purple (while still retaining the cook smoke effect) just disturbs the whole ensemble. I really don’t understand why they needed to be changed at all.

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Because its not fair to those who like them as they are now. The not many people are clambering for purple Shago right now.

So what about the people who liked shadow effects the way they were?

I prefer the old look too. But honestly it has to be overwhelmingly reviled as opposed to simply liked less, to warrant the change back.

For example: I hate that Sabrewulf bleeds green because so many details on wulf character model and stage, implies his that his blood is red. Other people don’t care that he bleeds green… and so its still green

However when Riptor bled green…

Purple is my fav colour so this is a sweet bonus.

They don’t care about consistency.

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Well Gargos himself has blue highlights, so I guess there’s nothing wrong with Shago and Omen after all.

Not a super drastic reappearance. Just mostly the head. Also did he get slimmer?