So, whose got the Mage tech?

First let me start off by saying I am absolutely loving Eyedol. At first I was kind of struggling with him but now I am having a blast now that I have somewhat gotten a hang of how he moves, memorized his specials etc.

I seem to be doing just fine with Warrior but am struggling a little bit when he is in Mage stance. Does anyone have any tips for playing Mage or any tech while in Mage stance they would like to share?

Wow sorry guys. I was going to make this, then saw a new tech thread, tried to post in there but when I hit enter it made this thread. Anyway we can close or merge this with the other tech thread @xSkeletalx ?

You can do a teleport after lightning.

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Tele-striking during the hitstun of Lightning and/or Meteor is a good way to build charges and get ready for some setups.

I tend to stick with light/medium Meteor Strike since it tends to catch people on their approach. Medium and Heavy Lightning are both decent anti airs depending on distance, and Medium can be used to further harass other large characters.

Lightning is a probably your best Anti-Aganos tool. It comes out quick and hits several times, good for stripping armor.

Shadow Meteors take up more or less space depending on your distance from the corner you’re facing. If you’ve got your opponent against the wall, you get a highly concentrated barrage that deals good chip and lets you harass them with other shenanigans like Lightening or (situationally) Warrior Body/Instinct stuff.

I’ll need to run more tests on the Rage Magic to figure it out, but Rage Meteor is a good “DON’T TOUCH ME!” move. Full screen overhead coverage? Yes please!

That’s all I got for now. Might report back with more findings/tech later


I’ve been using Mage stance mostly to make my Berserker stronger, as it’s easy to play Berserker until you switch stances, use Mage j.HP to retreat, and just zone with special moves until you switch back. You can tele-strike to build pips for Berserker like @Sasuke99I suggested, after both lightning and meteor stagger. The staggers from lightning and meteor can also be used to confirm into b+MP to push the opponent away, or shoulder charge, if you happen to change stance after using them, which I think is the real core of Eyedol gameplay.


It might not be useful, but at least it’s a short, fancy 20-23%: