So where is the PC pricing.. it was stated on stream it was coming today

Before you decide to reply, yes I know its cross buy, yes I know xbox version has been on sale, yes I know that I could buy season 3 right now and own it and be all good… One of the guys stated on the stream yesterday that he was going to post up the pricing for pc today and that its not going to have a preorder. I really hate not having all the information not even a week before launch. Is it going to be released at the exact time that the xbone version is? I know its been stated that it will launch alongside xbox one version ont he 29th but when its not treated similarly to the xbox one release, it makes me worried. Where is the marketing for this game and the PC release? Im all about the hush hush about certain game details to surprise us, but being left in the dark and feeling like the PC release may not get the attention it needs to strive. I also hate that I have to go buy it from another source because I have no clue if the pricing will be the same or different. Everyone likes to state that its all cross buy like thats some way of selling the game when its not priced or even priced coinciding with the xbox one version. The wait is bad enough, please give me some concrete information that I haven’t known since Season 3s announcement so many months ago.

Waiting for release day for answers is just insane IMO and a little nerve racking.

Remember that MS is located in the US Pacific time zone and IG are in the US Central time zone. Their work day ends a bit later than other time zones, so what is evening to us is afternoon or end-of-workday there.

Essentially, the day’s not over yet.

Exactly. While on the East coast it’s a little after 5pm (end of the general work day), it’s only 2pm on the West coast. That and, Rukari is not necessarily a stickler when it comes to posts being up at certain times unless it’s stated what specific time it will be up.

Just as a general rule, I typically check once an hour or so.

Thanks for the replies, I will have to do what I’ve been doing and wait more… Hopefully we get some news posted by the end of the day. fingers crossed

Welcome to the club.


Proper pricing for the Bone version hasn’t dropped either. All we have is some weird preorder bundle offer and the understanding that the ultra edition (on both platforms) will be the preorder version with less KI Gold for the same price.