So When You Win against Gargos... YOU LOSE

Today, my brother came to my house to play Shadow Lords.
He doesn’t have the game or the console, but managed to beat the crap of Gargos on Challenging.

Last blow he gave killed Gargos, and made him lose his first green enery bar. Since he still had 50% of his energy, his Jago stood up and did his winning stance : the match was won.

But… Not really :

Game show image of Gargos’ Victory, as if Jago was dead, and the game was lost.

Is it already happened to somebody ? if don’t IG guys, please fix it.

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Holy crackers that is some super bug. The game probably thought it was a draw and gave gargos the win

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Wow. You just got ROBBED!

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I’m afraid your path ends here.


Well, that is one big PLOT TWIST…

As Gargos was on his dying breath, he still had one last trick up to his sleeve. He switched bodies with Jago, allowing himself to gain the upper hand. While he may be now in the body of his former servant, he begins to set forth in conquering the Earth. The end of days has finally come. Have a nice day.


Hey you should put the topic into the bugs section

How can i move it ?

I had that happen to me awhile back…it wasn’t on Gargos, but it was on a 3-fighter battle. I had decidedly won the first battle, but when I got back to the vs screen it had said that I lost and everyone involved (I think there may have been 2 in my party) was dead. I’d say it’s a bug in the game bringing the fight results back to the SL menus.

You may have to create a new post as far as I know I have only seen moderate change the topic of a post

Now that is pretty terrible.

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