So what happens in future when Microsoft no longer cares about PC Gamers?

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Why are you alt tabbing in a match?

Good night Mr DEClimax

I alt tab during the searching opponent. I am not sitting there for 10 minutes at a blank screen when I can be browsing the web.

As regards to the alt tab during a match sorry but I do not play against people that are disrespectful. Sorry not into the t bagging or taunting nonsense.

This is why everyother PC game has a mute function when you alt tab the problem is this game has one but it happens at the dumbest time when you are waiting for the system to find an opponent so when it does they will sit in lobby waiting for you and you will have no clue they are there waiting for you.

In my experience, the game doesn’t mute when you alt-tab. It does mute when you minimize, however, which is good because I leave it running in the background all the time and I’d go nuts if it didn’t. If it’s muting for you when you alt-tab, I don’t know what to tell you or how you could debug that.

EDIT: okay, looks like it mutes if you alt-tab from fullscreen mode, which I normally don’t use. I’m looking into it.

This sucks, but it could come down to any number of possible issues, including the size of the online player pool in your area, the configuration and condition of your local network and internet connection, and weird interactions between the netcode and your Windows environment. I don’t know how to go about seriously debugging it, but in my experience every game has these sorts of problems with some part of the player base, so it’s a bit of a stretch to immediately blame Microsoft when, say, if it was a problem with CoD on Steam or something, you probably wouldn’t blame Steamworks immediately.

Honestly, these don’t sound like the severe issues you’re trying to paint them as. In the scheme of things, KI is still an amazing PC port as far as I can tell.

Alternatively, Microsoft realizes that the margins on hardware sales are usually not all that great, that there’s big money in getting you into their online ecosystem (even if they undercut Steam’s 30-40% cut on each sale, they’ll be rolling in money) and out of the physical disc market, and that, ultimately, the vast, vast majority of gamers can’t afford $1500+ for a gaming PC, a video card refresh at $500+ every 2 years, and a CPU+motherboard+memory refresh at $500+ every 4 years, and that the few who can afford that can also afford to fork out for the occasional console as a second machine, so they’ll still move about the same amount of consoles anyway.

I don’t know dude. Things do seem to be broken in the store situation in general. I did a Win10 reinstall after hours of debugging Microsoft account stuff to get KI to pass licensing to download, I’ve had to do a combination of store resets and restarts to nudge the KI download along, and I’ve certainly noticed that and the Microsoft store site are both breaking and fixing themselves in a way that suggests that the whole thing is in flux, it’s not there yet, and there are undoubtedly engineers running around behind the scenes putting out fires all over the place. I certainly wouldn’t suggest buying the Win10 store version of Infinite Warfare or Rise of the Tomb Raider or anything you don’t need to get in that ecosystem, at least not at this point. But also, I think what Microsoft is doing is largely consistent with the best direction I could reasonably hope for out of that ecosystem, so I’m willing to deal with some jank for now in the hopes that it’ll be okay in a year or so. It takes a lot of work to fully and robustly redefine the Windows application, after all.

But this is bigger than Xbox or gaming. It seems like Microsoft is, pretty much irrevocably, all-in on this whole unification thing. If Windows 10 and UWP and Play Anywhere and whatnot fail, then the fact that all their dev efforts and infrastructure are behind this and are turning Xbox into this thing that is so tightly integrated into Windows 10, I think that means that it’ll all go down in one big glorious catastrophe, that’ll probably take Microsoft’s market cap with it. I think they’ll be finished. Then what, I guess Windows 7 will be this big unsupported hunk of shareware that’ll lose support from the hardware manufacturers and software publishers and whatnot, and we’ll be forced to finally find an alternative to this entire stupid Win32 ecosystem, I guess, but I can’t say that a good, consumer-friendly alternative even exists. I don’t know, at least .NET will go on.