So what exactly is Sabrewulf's Instinct now?

The fact that they took away his 10% increase in strength is extremely worrisome to me. Especially considering that it wasn’t replaced by anything… So now what, he just gets big and looks cool?

I don’t get it, it just seems like a huge oversight. So now his only ability is what, giving more potential damage on block…? Seriously? Smh…

Oh and for the record, I dont even main Sabrewulf. I just think that he was tweaked unjustly

A lot of people think the chip damage is inconsequential, but I think it comes in pretty handy as a little reward for putting pressure on the opponent. If they’re meter-starved you’re golden for free damage. Feral Cancel also nerfed which is the bigger issue IMO, but still, a very useful attribute.

He’s got this thing called a feral cancel.


There’s already a discussion for this in the Rebalance thread. Watch the S3 exhibition and Saucy Suite matches, you’ll see why it doesn’t matter that Wulf lost his damage.

There would be an issue with Sabrewulf’s Instinct changes IF none of the cast was changed as well, but be as it may, the rest of the cast got damage nerfs, with some (Glacius and Thunder) worse than others.

The real utility of Sabrewulf’s Instinct was his “Feral Cancels” not the damage boost. In reality the damage boost should have gone away a long time ago, as young Sabrepups should have been encouraged to use Feral Cancels to chain manuals and create nigh unblockable resets.

The change to Feral Cancels brings it actually closer in line to the Instincts of the rest of the cast. Currently they are just too good. This doesn’t hurt Sabrewulf at all, but what it does do is force players to actually use the true purpose of his Instinct versus a byproduct of it.

As a Sadira main, I’ve seen many brutal nerfs. I’ve had my main’s Instinct tweaked already (you jump cancel autos instead of manuals) and I’m about to face another change (virtually no damage with a web). This sounds horrible, BUT with the good changes and crazy reduction to her KV meter, had they not altered the web’s damage, she could have taken an entire life bar with one web set up.

Don’t be quick to judge Sabrewulf or condemn him as less than steller. Hold your breath and test him out when KI Season 3 launches. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


After watching the finals of the KI tournament I think it’s pretty obvious Saberwulf just did way too much damage for the type of character he is. His damage was approaching Aganos or Thunder while also being the fastest character in the game.

Is there any YouTube video of suite and s3 exhibition?

Check the Sabrewulf thread. Warn you volume warning.

There is no youtube video, but it’s on twitch

I’ve posted before but I really think all these changes will make the most sense after all the season 3 characters appear.

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He also glows green. :slightly_smiling:

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Haha no worries here. :smile:

Are you Sabrewulf player kidding ? He got feral cancel aka reset city for free. He still has one of the best instinct in the game.

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Agreed! It also still does chip damage too! Damage up+ chip + feral cancel was just too much imo.
Now it’s more fare, wulf does a ton of damage anyway, I prefer a mix up tool to open my opponent defense (feral cancel) over base damage

Feral cancel is only as good as the slim to none window my Orchid allows for input.

Sabrewulf can’t initiate instinct while I’m flick flaking his entire existence away to low meter. (Sips drink)

Thank you i saw this :grin:

I m lurking for saucey suite matches now, want to see how top players adapted in small time. I found a video on Bass YouTube
Would like to see the rest

Check shintristan’s twitch channel…it should have the full vid