So, uh, what's up with the Yellow/Gold motif goin on on the main site?

Maybe it’s just me, but does that seem suspicious to anyone else? That’s not Season 3’s color scheme, that’s for sure.

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Gold skins

Yellow and teal? Hmm…wonder what’s up?

…isn’t that more of Aria’s colors?

what site?

Ah, yeah gold skins and getting ready for terror skins no doubt. I wouldn’t pay it much mind.

I don’t know but I’m really digging the front page, especially the character select thing.

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Yeah I’m loving the character select even if it’s missing a few characters. But the site has a more polished professional feel now.

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Yeah, it really does.

Old school yet modern…
one could only think Arianna~

(I’m probably very wrong though )

To be honest I’d like to see that same layout applied to the forums as well.

Yeah, @rukizzel kinda confirmed it.

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Duh, season 4 confirmed :wink: