So stomp walk is a good move now...but why?

they skipped over it on the livestream, buthere are the aganos changes for 3.4


Stomp Walk now crushes lows until the 1st active frame of each step.
Stomp Walk 1st hit is now -3 on block (was -10) at zero chunks
Stomp Walk 2nd and 3rd hits are now -3 on block (was -5) at zero chunks (Stomp walk was a pretty bad move. Now it’s a pretty good one.)
Fixed a bug causing far standing HK to not match the changes last update to close standing HK. Now both versions no longer cause a wall splat when used in a combo to avoid enders afterward breaking.
Fixed a bug causing Aganos to continue sliding forward if Spinal absorbed his Ruin or Shadow Ruin attacks.

i dont use the move enough to know that this would fix it. I dunno, what doyou guys think? How does this buff aganos for hk? What situations are now in his favor?

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