So, shadow laser sword

Can be shadow countered after the first hit? interesting…
I din’t know it.

It’s been like that since the beginning. Due to the slow frames of each swing, it gives you enough time to shadow counter it at any point of the animation.

However a lot of players don’t even know that and still wait until the last hit to shadow counter

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Yeah, took me a while until I figured it out. People will take the subtle chip damage before shadow countering, but because of the animation and recovery frame you can counter in between with almost any character.

True, I tried that against other characters, with ugly outcomes lol (don’t do it to Wulf , Spinal, nor Thunder) XD

Maybe they should fix that?

It’s not like it’s a bug or anything. It was intentional. It’s fine as it is just don’t throw it out willy nilly on block.

Besides Jago’s not only one who can be SC’d mid animation. This also happens to Maya, Aganos, Hisako, and Aria


You can o my do it on hit 2 and hit 5 do it anywhere else you’ll get hit out if your SC

You can also punish his f+HK with a shadow counter - that was something that I learned recently. :wink:

I do it to you all the time. I imagine it surprises you, as hardly anyone does it. Lol

Fix implies it was an accident, which I don’t believe it is. There are other Shadow moves that are slow enough to shadow counter before the final hit, like Hisakos shadow On Ryo Zan or ARIAs shadow shotgun blitz.