So...Shadow Jago has some crazy left/right reset potential. Potentially vortex quality

Heavy Linker into his command normal, Gatekeeper.
Cancel the Gatekeeper into dash, and let the shenanigans begin.
Throw, same side or opposite side dark demise (preferably surged), Dark Catastrophe juggle shenanigans…pick your poison.

don’t have him yet but will give a try

You actually don’t need a heavy linker, off any other strength linker the gatekeeper will be blocked (or hit if they’re not holding block or mashing buttons during the combo) but you’ll still get the same mix ups.

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True enough, I do find myself getting broken now, since more people see my heavy linkers coming. I prefer the heavy linkers though to maximize damage before I go for Gatekeeper.

But you are absolutely right. :slight_smile: