So now that S3 has been out a few days, is Rash in need of nerfs?

It seems online is just full of Rash’s doing wrecking balls and shadow wrecking balls. I am sure there are some decent counter pick characters but seriously, in general, how do you handle this? Or do you? Does it need a nerf?

i dont think he needs a nerf, he only has one combo opener so thats a huge setback for him


Well ok, how about some tips on how to handle it then?

Every blocked wrecking ball is a free anti-air for you. There’s a pretty decent gap after wrecking ball before his follow up air normal so just hit him out of the air. Some characters have an easier time doing this than others but everyone should have at least one good option.

I honestly wouldn’t know as I haven’t seen a single Rash online since S3 released.

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I’ve encounter 3-4 Rashs (all Killers) and only one of them was spamming wrecking ball.
And that was the only Rash that i’ve stomped hardly, because this move is just too easy to counter, due to the heavy recovery time after it.

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He has multiple openers actually.

Play me.

I’m really not trying to troll you when I say this but…git gud bro. There’s no reason the wrecking balls should affect you unless you jump.

I think Rash is insanely good, but it’s not because of the wrecking ball. I hardly use that move actually.

Really, it’s his normals. Nobody else gets away with having that good of normals and that good of mixup tools. Standing HK is almost too good. might be the best one in the entire game. Overhead is really fast too.

Maybe it’s because I moved to a character that fits me better or what, but I can’t stop winning as Rash. And against people I never would have even touched as Cinder last season.

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Uhhmmm…did you guys play a good Omen?

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Omens air dashes are godlike now XD


There are a ton of takes in lobbies, at least that i found. I figured out how to deal with them after a few wrecking ball oriented defeats. I main a gf aganos and am working on hisako, arbiter and Kim Wu right now (they’re all pretty fun, can’t decide who to stick to)…

Anyways, other than shadow boot, rashes wake up options seem terrible. Once I started doing meaty jump ins and grabs, no rash for me for the test of the night.

Oh, don’t worry. I will. I’ll play you like a fiddle. :smiling_imp::violin:


Good. When is the best time you’re free?

Wrecking ball is easy to stop. It’s a lot easier to stop than Cinder’s trailblazer pressure, for instance (which has the same answer), because it’s a lot slower.

Find a normal that has good head coverage for your character and just always press it after you block wrecking ball.

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From the couple of versus CPU matches I played as Hisako, Rash isn’t that good (maybe a poor match-up for him?). Her catch counters will blow up almost anything he tries to do, Shadow ORZ may be a good option versus spammed wrecking ballsi think (yet to try this), but you’d be better off timing the counters.
Will see what else I can find out.

I’ll be home from work after ~3 p.m. (EST). :wink:

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