So, no ultimates yet?

As posted in this FAQ, the 1st ultimate pack should be avaiable on Feb 14th…

When will Ultimates be released?
The first pack of Ultimates will be released…in February.

Ok, no more trolling, promise. The Ultimate Master Pack includes fancy, fantastical, fierce finishers for five favorite fighters (holy alliteration, Batman!) and releases on February 14th. Valentine’s Day. What better way to present our love for you and for Killer Instinct than dropping the first Ultimate Pack on such a date? I’m not saying that this is the best gift ever, but it is.

But I still have no access ultimates. How to get it?

You should be able to download them, for free, from the in-game store.

That is the problem. I play KI on PC and it does not allow the download for PC.

It says the “application does not work on my device.” on windows store for W10.


Try this.

It was from where I tried to get it, once i could not find it another way. This page opens my Windows 10 Store app that’s from where i get the message.

I play on PC only as well and I got it from the xbox store but it changes and says “play on Win10/PC” after I click that it installs. The ultimates dont show up in the moves list but a way you can tell is on the character select screen, the characters with Ultimates have a big U symbol when you highlight them. As much as I love that they gave us ultimates and for free, they messed up the distribution method for PC users. Also if the download worked, you can see the pack in the coming soon in the extras area. I really didnt want to do the whole cross buy download via the xbox store but there was no other alternative, it never showed up in the extras UNTIL i got it from the ms store.

You’ve got me stumped then. I play KI on console so if the in-game store and the MS store are giving you problems, you might need to ask MS support.

It would be worth contacting @rukizzel for assistance. He may not know the answer, but I bet he knows someone who does.

Ty guys for the updates / suggestions.

  1. @EvilHayato, i tried that also, but no changes here. There is no “download / install / buy it” button. Just the message: “This application is not supported on your device.” in the place of the button. Note: my release for KI is up to date, once I checked for new updates, unistalled the game and reinstalled it back to ensure I have the last version of it.
  2. Gonna check it with this guy you mentioned @Crainiak24.

In game, go to Store>Extras>Coming Soon

There will be one item in this menu, titled “Coming Soon” - highlight and confirm download. It will bring up a screen similar to the ‘SYNCING TO ULTRATECH SERVERS’ screen (I forgot exactly what it says, something like ‘processing purchase from store’) - this may take a while.

I actually minimized the window and did other stuff while it processed. After an hour, it was still processing, so I just closed KI, assuming it froze. I restarted KI, and Ulti’s were installed.

I play on PC.

@MDMMORNING, Ty for the heads up, that did the trick!


No worries! Glad I could help!