So its been Months now have they added PS3/PC fightstick Support for KI?

As the title says its been months, other 3rd party options add lag and are not suitable.

One would assume since this is a PC game it would for the very least support the Qanba Q1 PS3/PC version

I heard/saw somewhere that Fightstick compatability would be implemented soon. I can’t show you the exact quote but I’m fairly certain I heard it during EVO weekend somewhere.

Yeah they said something about that during the EVO panel. I don’t remember exactly what they said.

Support for Xbox one fightsticks will be implemented in the next win10 update. But I don’t see them adding drivers for PS3 sticks. 360 sticks currently work.

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So that is it then? even though every other game supports PS3/PC fightsticks nothing for KI even though this is a WINDOWS Game on a PERSONAL COMPUTER?

I bought my Qanba Q1 because

A) It was Black.

B) It was affordable even though I did end up spending $50 US after to replace all the parts to Sanwa.

C) Because it clearly stated PS3/PC Support.

Its tricky getting ps3 to pc fightstick to work you try googling

When you say “other games,” are you referring to games like SFV and MKX…which also shipped on PlayStation?

KI is a MS game. Why would MS want you to buy the competition to play their game? I get wanting to be as inclusive as possible, and thus if it could happen I think them doing it would be a good look, but we are talking about a corporation here. EXPECTING a corporation to do the “right” thing, or something that is even marginally detrimental to the bottom line without an outside push is fool hearty if you ask me.

If its a ps3 and pc stick should have a switch of your on pc should just be an easy flip switch no

Who the hell cares if it supports PS3? it clearly states PC/PS3 which is why I bought it. PS3 support had nothing to do with my purchase nobody buys white, the xbox version is white of the Qanba Q1. I bought a Black Qanba stick that clearly stated PC on the box.

So whats with all the stupid white knight nonsense here? I don’t own a console and I don’t ever care to own a console. I would have to be stupid to pay $50 a year just access online something thats actually free and console manufacturers are just capitalizing on because they know they can pull the wig over console users eyes because they don’t know better.

I mean do you all even know what is a PC? clearly not and I keep forgetting this is infact a console forum as only a handful of people play KI on the PC. So I won’t bother wasting my time further with this thread if people continue to fail to understand what is a PC and why a fightstick marketed as PC should work with PC version of KI.

So i really won’t waste my time. Too much of white knight fanboyism.

Might be a better question for the experts on the shoryuken forums in the tech talk section

Old ps3/pc sticks just wont work on pc

Could always find a 360 stick on craigslist

I can’t wrap my head around using a fightstick on xbox. They don’t have a mic jack! I am a social gamer and am always in a party. Like hell I’m gonna have another controller out and wired to my head by a mere 3’ of cable!! Microsoft need to pull there head out of it and open up the bluetooth freq. Real salt here. The darned 360 was easier to use! Current gen be like YEET!

With a fightstick on Xbox one you can just use your wireless controller and still use fightstick they both can sync up at the same time just remember to move the analog every few mins to keep it on.

Mine sits on the arm rest while i use my atrox

Theres also a 2nd usb slot on the back of the xbox too :wink: