So is the watcher guardian in the game now or not?

since I noticed it’s slot on the guardians page no longer said “coming soon”, I opened a ton of common packs just to find one and see what it does. After opening 20 common packs I still haven’t gotten one. I haven’t seen anyone discussing it so I’m very confused.

Why Can’t I get an answer to this? Do people have it or not?

I’m assuming since they haven’t updated the dossiers with a how to movie or information about it, it’s safe to assume that it isn’t in yet. I believe it’s just the next one to be added to the list, that’s why you can see it in the guardian section.

Well I wasted 5,000 astral gems for nothing…

the first 5,000 actually had some decent pulls, and the perfect common exemplar I got (I actually got 2) seems broken with the whole auto-parry thing it has.

I’m sure you were able to round out the guardians that are available now, but I feel ya on the RNG with the packs.

There are only 5 Guardians in-game right now. Exemplar, Bat, Snake, Fractured Ward, & Ram.

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Good to know, though the watcher’s name is listed in the guardians menu so its understandable there would be confusion.

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As well as in the trailer, it’s the owl guardian right?