So, Is The New Shadow Move Effect Optional?

In Arbiter’s trailer, he uses a shadow move with the old effect? Does that mean we have options to change the effect? If not, I hope IG can incorporate it somehow.

Which is better?

  • Old Shadow
  • New Shadow
  • Neutral

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They probably simply hadn’t implemented it yet when they made Arbiter’s trailer.

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Yeah, but since it wasn’t, that means the new characters work with the old shadow effect. Which brings up the question of if we will have the option to change the look.

I hope they just aren’t done with the new fx yet. If this is the final version then I would prefer the old version.

I don’t like the purple effect, personally.

I can already tell that the purple will look bad clashing with certain character’s color themes & their shadow move special fx. The black shadow effect is better because it’s a neutral color that compliments every character’s colors & special fx.


I agree. Jago actually turned purple in one of the videos I saw when he did Shadow Endokouken. It looked really stupid


Update guys: Ishmae1: @Thebossii Nope, the old one is no more.

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I love the new shadow VFX, really fits with the season 3 theme.


@TempusChaoti Hey Adam, Im not against the new shadow effect, but it seems a lot are…maybe, as mentioned by @rukizzel in anther thread…could you shed some light on why the change was made as it connects to the story? That is why it changed, is in not? It’s part of the new story and theme?

Thanks for your time.


I watched the stream and they said the effect is still a work in progress so maybe it will look a bit different by the 29th.

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It doesn’t look too bad, maybe darken the visuals a bit. Otherwise it doesn’t look to bad when they stand still but when they move it gets a bit to crazy.

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I don’t love it… purple? My shadow isnt purple.

The old ones were SO much nicer imo.

Why are we fixing things thar are the best across the FG scene when there are other things to be tweaked that sent?


I don’t mind the shape but the colour omg!!!

They just didn’t need changing visually.

Maybe they had to be for other reasons

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The new Shadow move GFX are great I love them personally.


that probably is Arbiter’s shadow color, each character most likely has a different shadow effect

Nope jago spinal Kim wu was shown. It’s one color.

Really hope we can choose the color style. New one is ugly AF.

Not a fan of the new purple, hoping there’s an option to turn it off.
Semi-related: The new lighting looks fantastic.

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I think with Arby and Sabrewulf it looks cool, but characters like Jago and Kim Wu look awful with it. What should they do to fix this?

So they wont take the time to fix the fugly retro sabrewulf costume we payed for but they keep tweaking stuff that is fine and well accepted by the community??!!?!?!. I dont get it.