So Im on Spring Break Now

And it sucks. Having to wait for season 3 when its so close T_T. Anways, I still have Ori, Gears, and Halo to play over the break. Next weekend is the Halo World Championship, so thats worth a watch. Also, new KI stuff is supposed to be featured there, so stay vigilant. What are you guys doing over the break if you have one?

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Same here. Just doing nothing but sleep and working on KI and SFV a bit now.

Ironically today I my last day of break.

Im almost leveling jago to 50!

Just finished 8 hours ago. 80 matches to level from 23 to 50.

I start at the end of this week! Can’t wait to play Fallout 4, Division, Ark and hopefully PvZ.

Is there a division demo?