So i still haveing prombels with tedoro

i know they are many topcs on this issuse but i have not been able to fix i can’t play online at all i hope they are working on this issuse

Have a apple router? If so search for my thread on the fix in these forums.

i saw a vid on the fix for the teredo address issue, yeah it didnt work -_-

Yeah, I haven’t been able to play pc version online because of that issue. I’d be pretty po’ed if I had actually paid for the windows version and didn’t have the game for XBox.

Seem’s like a pretty big deal that Microsoft should have come out with a Windows patch for by now. How many potential players across countless games have been driven away because they can’t play online?

beats me, i even called up tech support and they were stumped. all i got was “do a system restore” when i told them where i was. even gave them remote access to my desktop and the guy was totally lost. i think i knew more than he did -_-

this teredo bullsh!!!t is whack, they really shouldve let steam have access to this game as well. it wouldve been so simple setting it up and running it. instead ive been troubleshooting my PC on and off tryin to get this damn game to work. even more aggravating is i have a serious gaming rig that runs this game like a total dream

yep tech support kind of sucks with this prombelm i hope they fix it in the mira update