So I have a cool Shadow Jago bug that I haven't see anyone post about it

Sorry in advance for the somewhat clickbait title, but I have tried to search for this bug on Google and on forums and found nothing so far.

So, I own a Shadow Jago color 11 and somehow I find out I can use Shago’s color 10 in local versus matches ( vs CPU or offline 2 player ) only. The bug is relatively easy to reproduce on my end, I am not sure if console version can reproduce it since I am playing on Windows 10 only.

As you can see on the image below, the color 10 is occupying the color 11 slot so you cannot use both of colors at the same time.

The video should show a bit more than me trying to type it in here i guess:

In short: you just select color 11 and get to the stage select screen, go back to the character selection and shago should switch to color 10.

I thought I should share this bug, mostly because its so odd and no one reported it. Heck, I even played some vs CPU matches with color 10 and leveled my account to 50 today.

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