So how do you feel about S3 and the balance changes on your mains so far?

Wrecking ball + jumping mk into juggle light punch recapture =gg

Pretty sure rash’s jumping light punch is a recapture…

Yes he is “untouchable”. But so is the opponent. When they are on they only serve 2 purposes. To cross the screen safely, or to get 1 safe block string. Now both of those functions are worse. If you want to go for an overhead using only 1 of the fireballs for protection, and then back off and try a different option, and then repeat that again, they wil disappear before you get the chance, especially if you had some distance between you and the opponent when you activated it.

If you just go for grounded hits, 1 block string eats all of the fireballs. NOT worth it.

hmm i dont think so but ill test it.

Why would a light move be a recapture option? I think you mean flip out.

I can only imagine if ARIA was able to hover after using air attacks. Oh man the amount of ambiguous stuff I could do.

Not true. Additional uses:

  • strong corner pressure, standing slightly out of range and poking/chipping with rashakukens and being safe from counterpokes. Mix in with throw at your discretion, since there is a gap between the fireballs on block. If you make them block ONE orb, you get a guaranteed 50/50 here (frame trap vs throw) that is protected by the other orbs.
  • mixups after orda shield ender

In fact, I think “crossing the screen safely” isn’t a particularly good use of orda shield in S2, and neither is really fishing for overheads (as you say, Omen isn’t great at that, that’s not his gameplan), so I’m not too sure why you’d be sad that those things are marginally worse. Plus, pretty sure you can just put an orda shield on and do heavy slide any time you want in S3. What are they gonna do about it?

Nothing, of course. But using meter with no reward isn’t omens gameplan either, is it?

His current uses of meter get beaten out way to easy to be worth using. the only useful thing i can find is Shadow Rasha setups

Your reward is unstoppable frame advantage from a full screen low. More than just “nothing”, that seems actually pretty decent for 1 bar, considering Omen has 3 and builds them better than any other character.

Omen isn’t a high-low character, that’s not how he gets his damage and it’s not really why he’s scary. He is a frame trap monster with superb screen control normals and absolutely oppressive corner pressure and, even with the S3 nerfs, probably the best corner throw in the game (in S2 it was unquestionably, by several orders of magnitude, the best corner throw in the game). The S3 changes for him make him better in all of those aspects.

I’m glad it’s a bug. I was getting tired of being hard knock downed and then immediately hit by Shatter. I need to get revenge on a tea bagging Glacius. After the bug fix. He’s mine!

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The bug is super lame and I hope it’s fixed soon, but for what it’s worth, you can backdash Shatter on wakeup (even Glacius now!) to avoid this for the time being. Or do a projectile invincible wakeup move (shadow something, for most characters), on reaction.

Youve got to show me some of these frame traps.

Is that the bug that got him banned from 8BitBeatdown? What was Kan-Ra’s bug? I’ve experienced neither in matchmaking yet.

Do stand MP xx light fireball in the corner 5 times until they get hit, because it’s super good. Even with the supposedly rashakuken pushback (which I don’t notice at all), you can walk in for a throw at any time and they can’t react.

When you get pushed out, use fwd+HP to get back in; unless you’re playing Amenty, I wouldn’t worry too much about shadow counter if you do it at a weird time. Or just do crouch HP xx medium orda xx shadow rasha (or orda) whenever you want.

In general, Omen’s frame traps are largely improved by switching fireball strengths. I’ve caught a few of your Forum Battle archives and I’ve noticed you tend to prefer HP rashakuken a lot. I think you’re missing on a lot of Omen pressure because of that; light rasha is way better in pressure (it recovers as fast as a sonic boom). Mix in light and medium rashas and the opponent will never know when they can press a button.

If you want to see fantastic Omen pressure/frame traps, watch Rico Suave vs Rebelo at KI World Cup. Rico overused fwd+HP (because he noticed Rebelo wasn’t shadow countering it, so he didn’t stop), but in general it should give you a new look at Omen’s pressure.

I’ll even link the video to help out! (Timestamp is 1:47:30)

I tested Omens Rasha Recovery today. The frame data says that Light is -1 Medium is +17, and Heavy is -4.

I didnt believe it, so i tested it myself by jumping with the CPU after the rasha, and all 3 felt the same.

I suppose it’s not so much about the extra frame advantage as it is the variation in timing. It’s really tough to handle someone who is throwing light, medium, and heavy fireballs at you in block strings.

I watched that set in the video above and surprisingly Rico didn’t do anything except heavy fireballs during pressure. I’ve watched a lot of his Omen and I’ve seen him do light/medium often, I guess he just wanted to have a slugfest with Rebelo. That video should still give you some nice ideas for frame traps though, and you can see how often Rico uses shadow rasha even though I didn’t think it was a particularly amazing use of meter in S2 (and now it’s way better).

When i watched that match live i was basically screaming at my screen. I wanted Rebelo to win, and i saw all of the openings he could have taken, but didnt. You have to admit, a lot of that game was whiffed breakers and counter-breakers.

But i will try, i have already spent all morning (80 matches + lab time) trying to find new stuff for Omen. I will keep this stuff in mind.

Kind in my mind too that just because you see something doesn’t mean someone else sees the same thing. I mean remember when mygod let sleep with 1 hp and basically did nothing an let sleep take it? Remember that? Yeah…humans aren’t perfect. So that and it’s easier to see things from the sideline. I do it all the time.

I’m fine with the Kan Ra changes, He’s still good and can now grapple more often and apply curses. He did lose alot of setups and tools, air scarab comes to mind. Theres no reason to set them up in the air now with the massive recovery after and not being able to do anything floating down. I am only using them now after specific spacing and setups.

Kan Ra is much more honest now, and requires lots of work. You have to work overtime and make very good reads. Basically, in some matchups, one mistake or wrong read and you get screwed. His new “honest” playstyle is causing a problem for me though and my opponents, timeouts.

I find myself timing out with Kan Ra in about 75% of my matches. Since he’s too high risk now I’m playing him alot safer, and I’m assuming others are as well. With his low damage output and few opportunities for setups now, the match just ends up dragging on, which is a nuisance, especially when one or the other has a life lead. It’s becoming ridiculous to be honest, reminds me of sfxt. And it’s not just Kan Ra, many of the gimmicky pete toons are suffering the same fate.

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Omens new ability to cancel an air dash into another one is wonderful. I have been abusing it a lot. Also using juggle ender into flip out into trow/pressure. Flip out into demonic despair is crazy.

Kan Ras’ staggers on HK and back HP are supper plus and lead to high oppener damage. He has SO MANY ways to flip you out. I have been finding that Shadow swarm is kind of hard to use now & I have not founds it’s best use yet…

my boy tj is a beast