So, how do you feel about all of the announcements?

How do you feel about everything announced at the Killer Instinct Cup/recently? Kim Wu, Arbiter, etc.

Unfortunately I missed 90% of Kim Wu’s live demonstration so I don’t exactly know what’s up with her completely yet. But of course, I’ve seen her trailer and she looks pretty cool.

Arbiter comes as no surprise to me because I already figured that either Joanna Dark or him was going to get in and so did a lot of other people – and here he is. I’ve never played Halo so I don’t know what to expect exactly, so I’m excited to see more about him. Judging by his design though, he does fit Killer Instinct. Plus, a lot of people are happy he made it in so I’m happy about that.

Lastly, today’s “Special Announcement”. I think I speak for everyone when I say that was the most underwhelming announcement ever. I feel like this shouldn’t have been listed as a special announcement and that it should have been talked about earlier in the day/steam. Calling it a special announcement then waiting to Top 8 to talk about it seemed like a way to: 1) Get more people watching the WHOLE stream for numbers. 2) Try to shove-in a little bit of info to complete the “News Package” that was the KI Cup. But in the end, it just got a lot of people’s hopes up and came off as super underwhelming. I wasn’t specifically expecting anything but I thought maybe it was going to be a short Tusk teaser (like Arbiter’s) or maybe some PC Specifications (as someone who’s wanting to PC version, that would have been really nice).

WITH THAT BEING SAID! I’m still glad we got a ton of news yesterday and that the Season 3 information/news/gameplay is finally starting to roll-in. Excited to see more of Kim Wu, what Arbiter will be like, Tusk details, the complete Season 3 UI, and so on. It’s also like less than 2 months until Season 3 and the PC version launches, so I’m excited about all of that and the fact I’ll finally be able to get my hands on KI!


Want to know how my feel??


Who said good idea about special announcements for assist mode???

Fav character sabrewulf had his career ended by IG nerfs. Thunder’s damage taken down despite him being fine as is. Only upside is arbiter which I’m pretty excited about. I can only hope tusk is as good as he was in ki2 because atm my main Wulf is unplayable

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People freaking out about the s3 changes should chill. I’m watching all the characters that were “destroyed” by the S2 changes looking pretty good in the KI Cup…

I think Kim Wu looks great.

I agree that making changes to combo assist the “special announcement” was super lame. Very much a hype fail. Maybe they had something else planned but had a problem with it…


Agreed. We should wait for the S3 changes to actually be here and to figure everything out before assuming a character was destroyed.

gonna be a long wait …

how much it all gonna cost?
wanna make sure to have money in my Microsoft account!

  • don’t think any character will replace my main
  • mixed emotions about re-learning my main … nervous, but good everybody will have to re-learn their main evenly
  • Kim Wu is good for Killer Instinct like Sakura in SF, not to be used, but wouldn’t be SF without her … hope most of the new characters keep KI’s dark vibe though

Positives (for me)
Reasonable changes to characters
lighting improvements
new logo and display
Kim-wu playstyle
More figures

Kim-Wu personality
Changes to Wulf, Thunder and Spinal
Still no ultimate combos
No announcement on improving those animations for early S2 characters

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Wulf will b

Kinda more dependant on who is playing the character don’t you think?



Honestly, I think the changes for all characters were fair enough except for Fulgore, not really sure what’s going on there.

And to all people saying your character got “ruined” or “destroyed” by the S3 changes…that’s what people said about Sadira and Fulgore with S2 changes. Just putting that out there.


Wulf will be fine.

So many charachters took a damage hit it’s basically universal. So in relative terms, Thunder’s damage was pretty unaffected. Those Sammamish buffs really helped him. And full invincibility on the light version is definitely no joke.

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Well, yes of course. But that’s the point isn’t it?

Pretty much all the S1 characters came down in damage but got more tools. They are making the game more balanced but also leveling the gulf between s1 and s2. I remember everyone complaining RIP Sadira and Sadira is still very viable. It’s all just a lot of sound and fury.

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This will probably be merged into the other threads but I’ll try to summarize my opinions.

-Everyone is getting cool new tools and strategies (Yay!)

-Just about Everyone is getting a hit to damage -especially Sabrewulf- (Boo!)

-Kim Wu and Arbiter coming soon! (Yay!)

-Today’s special announcement is just some fixes for CAM. (Boo!)

-Matches have been HYPE AS BALLS (YAAAAAAA)



Wulf being neutered. He was straight forward to play. Now he’s all over the place and not in a good way.

However I am curious about the remaining season 3 characters. Arbiter seems interesting.

Looks like there is one more announcement before grand finals. (we were informed through notepad…)

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Haha, I was about to stay home and go to office late. Glad I decided to go to work on time in the end.

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Still shocked after that Arbiter tease, that caught me off guard, and the fact that his stage was actually in game (I thought that was Halo 5 footage). As a huge fan of the character, that tease filled me with so much joy.

P.S: Kim Wu isn’t ugly.


This is critical - make sure you’re tuned in, it’s bound to be something awesome.

This game… I can’t believe what i saw… How can I.G make the game have more juggles? I mean, are they trying to add air combos next? or even air ultras?. I don’t blame the guy for tossing his ID card at the floor and walking out. Reducing damage ender to have more kv for juggles? Sweet merciful god. What has become of this game?

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I’m going to be so dead at work tomorrow, but I am sticking it out for the SuperBowl of KI. They better come up with something good.