So... Have You Done Anything Kwazy Lately?

So for some reason I decided to pre-order the DESTINY 2 DIGITAL DELUXE version today for $99.99. I’m not sure why since I really haven’t played the first one in ages. Call me kwazy I guess.

What did you do?


i cant say without incriminating myself


Because my son loves racing games, I took him to his uncle’s house where he has a racing chair with a mounted steering wheel/pedal setup. The kid flipped over it. He spent an hour driving at 30-60 mph in Forza horizon and staying in his lane. It was like watching a grandpa be a tourist in Australia, but he had a huge grin on his face the whole time (he’s 9). He’s pretty chill and generally doesn’t ask for too much but on the drive home I asked him how cool it would be on a scale of 1-10 to get one and he said “9.9”

So I got the wheel (they are cheaper now than a couple years ago if anyone is interested) and also shelled out for a frame to sit it on. I stopped short of buying the full racing chair setup, but I’m still in for a big chunk of change. The wheel arrived super quick but the frame is coming overland so it will take another week or so. In the mean time we have it MacGuyvered into a semi functional state with an overturned side table on top of a chair etc.


I collasped in the deli this morning if that counts… :stuck_out_tongue:

I went… to WORK!

I also purchased my 30th copy of the Lion King (my 2nd Blu-Ray copy). (then again, my uncle knows the guy who created Pumbaa). :smiley:

That’s not just kwazy… it’s INSANE! :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have a link for the whole setup? I’m considering getting one, and am just looking for a decent place to start looking.

…I got a Raspberry Pi…been tinkering around with it for a couple of days. I’m considering doing some hobby stuff with it, like figuring out how to turn one into a infrared security camera, or a mouse trap or something.
That’s kinda kwazy…

Well I used a coupon at this Japanese restaurant I went to one night to pay for my meal/dinner RIGHT AFTER and NOT BEFORE they included the tax to my check :sweat_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

I generally order things from Amazon. It tends to be cheap and reliable and fast. But I’m sure you could find the same things elsewhere.

Here’s the Xbox One/PC wheel:

Logitech G920 Dual-motor Feedback Driving Force Racing Wheel with Responsive Pedals for Xbox One

You can add the shifter for another $70, which is overpriced but the thing is super fun.

Here’s the stand I got:

SuperG Steering Wheel Stand with RGS shifter mount Logitech G29, G920 G27 G25 Wheels, Deluxe, Wheel and Pedals Not included.

Again, this is the option with an adjustable shifter stand. You can actually save another $70 by getting just the wheel stand.

And for reference here’s the rig my brother has:

Openwheeler Racing Wheel Stand Cockpit Black on Black | For Logitech G29 | G920 and Logitech G27 | G25 | Thrustmaster | Fanatec Wheels | Racing wheel & controllers NOT included

If you want to take the plunge just know that right off the bat your race times etc will go straight into the toilet. With the sole exception of smooth turning you are making everything much more difficult. But it is WAY more fun to simulate driving a car than to control a car with an analog stick.

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Thanks so much. I’m mostly looking at it for my dad, but I’m also interested in it a decent amount.

My setup is scheduled to arrive today so I can give you a review. The wheel and shifter are phenomenal.

The OpenWheeler setup my brother has is pretty fantastic. The chair is super comfy. My only grip is that is low on the floor. Lots of people stack it on milk crates to raise it up. But the pedal position has a shelf to rest your feet in to mitigate that your legs are way out in front of you so as a driving platform it works great.

@BigBadAndy i had a logitech wheel for gran turismo 5 and 6. it was so fun to use. i had it set on a table with heavy ■■■ books and a brick lol, cuz i would flip the table steering it XD

My stand arrived yesterday. Man does a dedicated, sturdy place to put the thing make a difference. I’ve never had so much fun getting tenth place in a free play race. I feel like I’m getting better with the mechanics but it’s tough to improve your performance. One mistake and you are boned. It’s a lot of hand and foot work to recover from a slim, gear into reverse, back out of a wall and get going again.

what pisses me off is that A.I. opponents always drive a perfect line and never ■■■■■ up at least in gran turismo. you ■■■■■ up, the.A.I. comes in and they just PITT maneuver the fuckkkin hell out of you making you spin out. you might as well be a go kart gettin pushed around by semi trucks its so dumb. but yes its still fun as hell if you go against human opponents because then it becomes an actual race

Forza uses drivatars, which are like KI shadows. They are still pretty good but they constantly crash into each other and spin out and stuff.

I’m a rather boring person that doesn’t do many kwazy things anymore. I guess one thing I’ve done is spent too much money on Yugioh and Dragonball Super TCG cards. One of my coworkers got me back into card games and we play pretty frequently when we have a break in our shifts.


Got hotel reservations to a local tourney. Hoping to take at least 1 win in guilty gear. KI will be a side event, so hoping to take one there too.

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Picked R6 Siege… seriously learning this game hurts like enema.


Our waitress cut herself opening a bottle and she bleed on my plate. She left it there just for me, it was so sexy. :yum::drooling_face: