So for 3.4 with RAAM

We know there will be some significant balance changes in 3.4 (such as Sadira getting a new combo trait) and I want to see RAAM changed in some way. In his current state he is an extremely polar character. He is the best and the worst at many of his skills (best vortex and mixups, worst zoning) but because his weakness is so pronounced, this feels like it can sometimes overshadow everything else about the character. I remember @TheKeits saying that there was an Eyedol Vs RAAM match in witch RAAM had little to no chance of victory and that changes might happen. Is there any chance we could get a tiny hint as to what is in store for RAAM?

I can’t imagine there’d be a major balance update without shadow bear grab getting changed. Aside from that…I dunno. The obvious thing to do is improve his ability to fight his serious problem matchups, but doing that too much is bound to affect his good matches, where he’s already plenty powerful. To me he’s a last game counterpick character; if you bring him out from the start you’re bound to get dunked by the counterpick, but if you take him out last game for a matchup he’s strong in he can really do work.


I kinda feel like he was designed to be a really polar character. We’ve had characters that are really flexible and can play a wide variety of styles even within their limited toolsets, but RAAM is different.
He might get some quality of life improvements and maybe a little TLC, but I don’t forsee him undergoing any major changes to his gameplan apart from making some of his tools more competitive when he’s in his element. I don’t think his bad matchups are going to get that much easier.


I’d really like for bear grab to be changed to at least have kryll armor during the grab or earlier in startup.

I’d certainly like for him to have some air option like an air throw or similar but i feel that might make him too good, then again from how hard it is to play him you should get rewarded for predicting a jumpback.

I’d honestly prefer if he got tuned back on both ends so that he doesn’t either run someone into the ground or just zoned out the entire game. Or turn emergence into a better dp who knows.

Also yea shadow bear grab is kinda worthless

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Like others have said, aside from the slightly improved kryll grab and an actual use for the shadow version I really don’t think he needs anything. His bad match ups are just the basic grappler struggle and aside from Gargos he can deal with them all with patience and a few good reads.

I’m more curious about that Keits comment though. When did he say that Raam has no chance of victory against Eyedol? Raam is one of the few characters that can easily deal with all of Eyedol’s shenanigans.

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probably eyedol’s really good air moves that are out of reach from emergence, as well as mage forms existence.

it’s easier with the nerf to j hp but its still pretty hard

I will say this. The running grab is REALLY good against Mage Form’s zoning period.

Tbh I’d consider gargos an even fight now. Problem before was once gargos has minions hed always have them. Now that he won’t just get minions so easy Raam has a much better time dealing with him. Far as eyedol goes Raam might massacre him if he does get improvements on kryll rush.

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im sorry but watching General Ramm players is brutal, he is so slow and that triple stomp is not only unfair but completly brutal to watch because of the speed.

Why is it unfair? The guy only has one linker.

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Hoping for some awesome Kryll Rush buffs and his ultra motion not to overlap his 3xP move. That’s really all I want.


I really want to see a change to light emergence because right now it seems just a little bit too situational. Medium is a great anti air and heavy is a slow but still useful reversal. The light one just feels borderline useless. I know it is low invulnerable, but it’s still super unsafe and often needs a TON of anticipation on RAAM’s end.


It actually isn’t low invulnerable at all (at least from what I can tell in training mode). The hitbox is still there and it is easily stuffable on startup with a low attack. So yeah, I think light emergence right now is pretty useless aside from destroying projectiles.

huh, I always though lower body meant low invulnerable. I guess they really do need to do something to it.

Dominance also isn’t throw invuln, unless it means that it’ll beat out throws if theyre on the same frame.

Also is the same true for medium emergence? I remember reading that all hitboxes are hurtboxes as well but dunno if that applies here