So far ultimates seem to follow a pattern

But I just remembered… he’s standing on top of the opponent still lol and that makes it funny. Maybe the reason his face looks like that is because (I assume) the charred body reeks.

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Then why does he have triple ax and sammamish ? Going by what you’re saying they should have removed those moves since they are offensive . Lol just joking.

He is posing. The freeze is when ‘Ultimate’ will appear on screen… just like Jago has a freeze frame

If you listen closely you should be able to hear it come across the screen. I just hid it during the capture session.


Yeah you can hear it on both videos.

I wish they would have an action figure like KI2 pop up after lol MORE MORE MORE gimme MORE winanimation time


I think it’s because he doesn’t give a ■■■■.

So following this theme, I think glacius will go from lance into shatter or vice versa.