So ETA on the update for the Xbox One TE2 stick?

So ETA on the update for the Xbox One TE2 stick? Would love to use my Killer Instinct TE2 on PC. Any word on how long the update will take?

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TE2s have always worked on PC. Install the controller drivers frm

The only thing is the RT and LT buttons dont work but it doesnt matter because you can just press all three buttons for ultra.

Got a link for those?

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You have to rewire buttond in its wake no one knows up to windows for the update

Sucks nothing you can do really the rewire is simple and easy

Just plug a xb1 controller im the pc

The KI team has stated that supports for Xbox One sticks will be coming in a future Win10 OS update. It has nothing to do with the game itself. Unless you have a converter or software to trick your PC into thinking your XB1 stick is a 360 stick, you’re stuck till the update.

Any updates yet? Also which wires do I rewire exactly?

Would love to have a timeline. I’ve asked everywhere. It’s only been more then two years guys.

I still use my TE2 for Xbox, but have rewired my Razer Atrox for PC.

PC Driver and Rewire Instructions:

In case you’ve never removed the button wires:

Been about 3 weeks now since I started using my stick with the above videos help. Any word on the update?