So does online work for PC?

I’m new here and I wanna know if it does work or not for PC? Because I’m sitting here in matchmaking for 30 minutes with it finding no one. It just fails after a while and I have to start it up again. Help will be appreciated.

Same here, alot of ppl have this problem actually. Theres meant to be 6 million ppl that have characters but its like an empty desert. I hope they patch this earlier than the end of the month Mira update.

You could always play shadow survival till the fix comes i guess.

I’ve played a handful of times, and it works for me. Don’t know own what I’m doing different than everyone else that seems to be having issues.

Online works for me. Try to check if you have a teredo address. I heard the majority of online problems are due to that factor.

I suggest you, to have confirmation if it isn’t anything else, to do the performance test once again and to try to host or to join a lobby with a friend of yours.

For me it says i do have the teredo address working, i just did a performance check again i got 1043 PASS with gfx all maxed.

So, in this case, try to host a lobby and to ask a friend of yours to get in. Then try to do the opposite. If you can’t do that, it should be something related to firewall or stuff like that. If you can, well…apart from telling you to check if your game is updated, I don’t know how to help you.

Im updated, i dont have friends online atm but i am able to search a lobby and join, also i can create a lobby and some random did join me.

Works perfectly for me.

I can even tell when I get matched up with another PC player with a decent PC - so much faster for the round to start!!

Teredo Address? I’m not familiar, what exactly is that? And how do I know if I have it or not?

Check on your Xbox App settings. From what I’ve heard, this address is necessary in order to play online with and against people on Xbox. Steam doesn’t use teredo, if I remember well.

If the problem is extended (not only KI), that means you don’t have a teredo address. To solve the problem, you have to check the xbox webpage of FAQs.

@MiStaCizM This is strange, indeed. Probably a problem with matchmaking. I suggest you to restart KI, even the PC if necessary, and try to find a match again.

There were probably problems this morning because, when I started, the game couldn’t load the S1 and S2 content. A restart solved everything.

Yeah so I just tried out all the Teredo solutions so I can get my Teredo address and literally none of them help. I still don’t have my Teredo address :confused: Please help.

Which antivirus do you have?

EDIT: Perhaps this might help you

Malwarebytes and thanks I’ll try that later.

I get my Teredo working, but as soon as I launch the game I still have issues with matchmaking. Either it takes me forever to find a match or as soon as I get in a match it disconnects me after a couple seconds of being in the game and says “opponent has left lobby”

my router had a teredo filter I had to turn off, then everything went smoothly

I got my Teredo working now! This is what helped me! Thanks for the help guys tho.

Doesnt change anything on my side. Teredo already working. not sure if moderm has a teredo filter though