So about the carbine

So another case of frame data error/typos. Super unsafe weapon…at alot of ranges…even on hit. And about the damage nerf. What’s the damage on it now? Keits said it was going from 18 to 14 damage a bullet. But in training it reads as 36 a bullet.

Someone wanna explain that to me?

Were you just popping off one shot, or multiple shots/ tack-ons?

I’m pretty sure that the 36 would be the first-hit bonus, and 18 is the base in-combo value. So the new values would be 28 first-hit, 14base in-combo (then subject to scaling).

Oh yeah, I always forget that for some reason. Actually the damage scale after the first hit so it would then be 10, then 8. Totaling 46 damage. So he lost 3% damage.