SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy

So the game is out, and I saw this video with Super Best Friends playing it…

And I can honestly say that there’s nothing about it I like. This game is absolutely crappy.
The only thing that this game has that’s a travesty that KOFXIV doesn’t have is a playable Shermie.
But there’s no way I will invest any money in this game, even if to play as her in a new SNK game.

Waifu fighters are just not for me.

Uh, Matt says in the video they got an early access copy, just pointing it out there.

With that said, I was honestly disappointed in this game. For starters, the 3D models are horrible compared to the fantastically-drawn 2D art; I know SNK has a shoestring budget nowadays but after seeing games like GGXRD and Blade Strangers do amazing 3D models I can’t help but be infuriated by what I’ve seen here in this video. Second, the gameplay is basically PS All-Stars constrained in a 2D fighter engine (supers required to KO opponents) but because matches can be done so fast it has even less meaning somehow.

I remember SNK said this game was geared towards more casual audiences, but this feels so sloppy compared to other similar games I’ve seen over the years. IMO Blade Strangers is everything this game should have been, both in gameplay and art direction.

Whatever. I’m still gonna get it. It’s another fighting game I can play on switch. It already has so few that i’m gonna buy every one. And as long as it’s fun (which your comparison to All-Stars makes me think it certainly will be) then I will not regret my eventual purchase.

Gonna get Blade Strangers too btw. That game also looks super good. I just need more games for my Switch from my favorite genre.

I do want to play this game but maybe later on. I am looking forward to the new SNK being announced this Monday though!

Oh, right, sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

I try to keep an open mind but this is a definite pass from me. It’s a shame too because I’m in favor of fighting games with simple control schemes and I don’t mind a female fighter focused game. But these doesn’t look well put together. It seems like a pervy cash in with just enough of a game attached to let people pretend it’s not just another Japanese love simulator.

I heard that the Switch version was outsourced and only runs at 30 FPS, assuming this is true you might want to watch out if you can’t stand fighters running lower than 60 FPS.

You are talking to the person who could probably win the world record for least amount of ■■■■■ given about frame rates. I’ll be fine.

Oops, I didn’t know I typed that in front of a mirror, let me just- oh wait, you meant you. I thought I was the only one with actual tolerance for different frame rates left in this world. :+1:

But seriously, outsourced ports tend to pretty bad overall for multiple reasons; the best examples I can think of are the PS2 ports of the Max Payne games, which were completely atrocious in every way. Hopefully the Switch version doesn’t get screwed that hard, we don’t need another Sexy Brutale or Titan Quest incident.

I mean, the Doom, Wolfenstein, and Crash Bandicoot ports were outsourced and they turned out fine.

Considering the limits of the Switch’s hardware yeah, but lighting doesn’t strike 4 times. Either way we’ll just see when the game releases. I’m just getting sick of being burned by terrible ports in 2018, that trend should have ended decades ago.

Besides PC ports, where people expect the developers to optimize the code for their personal machine and then let them pirate the game for free, it’s getting rarer and rarer for ports to be bad beyond just the limits of the system. There’s a lot of convergence in the system hardware as well as the game engines being used to develop the games. Not saying the SNK heroines port would be good. It already looks like a pretty undercooked title to me, but this isn’t the same kind of problem it was in the Ps2 and especially PS3 days.

This is the only good thing to ever come out of this game.

They should have added female Ryo and Kyo as well. Could have been cool!

Ms X

…is a godlike character and a great edition to this game.

Ppl are actually having a lot of fun with this game, which is the most important thing, I guess.

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