“The underworld calls for me.” - Hades

Of course you already know the score with me. Characters or (in the case of Smite) Gods with Skull accessories available via Smite Gem purchases or by default then I’m sticking with that character.

Anyways, I was introduced to Smite by one of my best friends since high school and I didn’t think this game was going to be good. Thankfully I was wrong, it’s very good! I like the idea of playing as gods from different pantheons ranging from Chinese to Egyptian and earning gold via killing Minions, Chaos Towers, Enemy Gods, etc., and not just cashing out real money for gold to buy in game items to increase Mana, Magical Power, Health and more.

Like Killer Instinct today, some gods are available at default, some are free to try out via God Rotation, you could also try playing as one of the Hunters or Mages for 7 or 14 days after reaching a certain Player Level or you can purchase your favorite God with Smite Favors. Some of the skins can be unlocked for purchase after reaching that God’s Mastery Level (Ex. my current favorite Hades is at God Level 4 or IV) just by having at least 100 or up to 1000…wait for it…wait…for it…Worshipers!!!

You can earn Worshipers (not actual people by the way) by winning matches and dominating the enemy team while ensuring your teams survival by carefully playing your cards right.

Overall I think Smite is good game. You just gotta deal with some toxic teammates here and there.

Any opinions about this game?

I love smite character viewer and the character designs and costumes are amazing.

The latest cinematic trailer is amazing

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Me too! I would’ve taken forever to create this thread because there’s so much good things that I like in this game (in my honest opinion).

It’s a great Game! I play regularly with a friend.

My main God is Artemis.

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Love the game, only gripe is that some hits sound hollow.

Adore using Bellona!

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Hey, look. We have 3 Classes already. We need 2 more people, and we can have our own KI Smite Team!