SMH season 3 TJ

Bruh… TJ weak as fvck! All the nerfs ain’t call for & his moves are useless at times lol. I won’t be surprised if he get nerf again SMH…

Can you go more into detail?

Sure :smile: it’s now harder to anti air opponents using vortex and tremor. Both moves must be timed perfect to anti air now.
Flip out is over rated in my opinion.
Tremor can’t beat a low jab anymore, so basically once TJ tremor, just punch him & it knocks him down.
He still my favorite character to use so I won’t switch characters. :wink:

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Yea Rebelo has been going off on how bad TJ is now what a shame

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Damn… Thanks for the information fam!

The CPU TJ can’t even time it’s juggles right anymore.
To be fair, all other characters have mechanics which require precise timing. TJ is just now joining the club.

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yeah he is pretty bad in some areas but it could be worse… I’m new so I really gotta learn match ups ATM. However its mad easy to overwhelm TJ offensively when he does have meter. However I found a few things that really make him scary from a HKD.

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I used to be a Killer rank TJ. Never mind that… TJ matchups are horrible and every time I play rank matches, 70% of my fights are against shadow Jago lol

I 100% agree with you on fighting shadow jago who can just avoid every damn mix up TJ Combo can throw out if he gets that chance… IDK who gave the ok on that character because S.Jago has tooooooooo much! Again, I’m week 1 with TJ combo and don’t really care for 95% of the cast… Maya is my 2nd main but I’ve play TJ since the 1st Killer Instinct so I’m with you. I do think I’m under utilizing his instinct where you get the speed bonus because you get to link ALOT of stuff and keep people in block stun or worse if they like to mash… I’ll probably take a break from beat making and do a video on some of his stuff… It will probably bite me in the ■■■ and it will get nerfed too… then I will stop playing the game all together lol.

Are you guys having trouble?

I feel like he got stronger, IMO.

hmmmmmmmm IDK how to take that seeing so many people feel otherwise butthis is my first time playing him in this game… In the original he was AMAZING and I’m talking about the original KI… either way, I dug myself out of the bronze league but I literally was playing footies and managing my instinct. I’ll have a video up tomorrow

I have been complaining too about how ARIA is so bad now. Her assist take so much damage and her bomb linker has a very weirdly slow looking animation. You will you change characters like this ?

Yeah, I dropped Aria already after playing her exclusively in s2. Only because of the damage her assists take. TJ I don’t know, just getting to know him.