Small suggestion for a profile taunt

Please add a taunt ‘find me on’ or something to that effect for your profile card. Would be good in-game promotion for the official forum…imo


Great idea/suggestion and I totally agree with that now too :smile:

Maybe a custom message could play during a taunt Ala Super Smash Bros. I would also love to see messages that could be quick selected from the rematch screen like in Persona 4 Arena (these could be predetermined by the devs).

I like the idea of forum account connection/integration into the game. It could be like, but less cancerous. :smile:

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Maybe you should make it clear that you mean a PROFILE taunt.

Ive spent the last few hours thinking that you wanted every character to be able to speak and say “find me on”. LOL


Good suggestion. Done.

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“Find me at Ultra Forum” LOL

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Thinking about it, there could be a sort of social media integration throughout the game for multiple social media thingys. You link up your social media to your Xbox LIVE account and can automatically share things easier, as well as get in game titles that parody existing ones like:

“Touch me and I’ll break your Facebook.”
“I will break Youtube in half!”
“You’re getting salt in my tweets!”
“Lol I actually still use Google plus. ■■■■ me, right?”


If the loading times are fast then those would be great ideas. However, my most hated screen is the checking downloadable contents screen and the slow character select screen.

I hope season three fixes all of this and we can have smoother loading times and external feeds and app integration, etc.

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Any hope for the OP request in season three? Would be great in ranked and exhibition matches!