Small irk

Your right. They stated that their retro costume without the accessories were what they envisioned the characters woulda looked like in the previous games.

That laidies and gentlemen, is class. Take notes.

where is the quote?

Way back in the old DH forums. Both ms and DH said this

means nothing without a source bruh. I was on the old forums and never saw that. If you can find it I will retract the statment. Regardless. Retro and Alternate mean 2 completley different things.

We said it. Retros on new characters are intended to take them back to the KI arcade days in terms of look.


Well if thats the case it is what it is…sounds kinda strange to me but what evs.

Wrong, retro is more a style than something that existed before. I could put clothes on from 2015 but with a 60s style and call it retro, I do not need to pit on actual 60s clothes.

Some what true… but tell me whats “retro” about aganos’s retro skin, or Hisako’s or Kanrah’s? Alternate would be a better term. anyways. Like I said its a small irk but just think its outa place.

Its retro in the way that thats what they looked like years ago.

lmao HOW DO WE KNOW? We have never seen the fighters, so we have no idea what retro is for them.

IG knows because they are writing and designing the characters. If they wanna tell you thats how aganos looked like 1000 years ago we just have to accept it because its their creation.

So agano’s was made out of metal before he was made out of rocks and stones? yeah…that makes sense…

He was… do you not know what his story is? Read his bio? Played his story mode? Looked at the background of his stage?


I think he don’t play season 2 story…

nah, I don’t play story mode. I would think it would be rock golum 1st then a metal one since thats kinda how history is told…we used rocks before we started using metal.

Aganos was originally constructed out of metal, since metal is much more malleable and useful than stone. However, he’s been forced to repair himself with rocks, vines, and other oddities because he’s been wandering the earth for thousands of years and no one seems to remember how to make magical bronze war golems from ancient Babylon.

Typing Grammer instead of Grammar is a far more grievous offensive especially considering it’s being used to chastise the developers and insinuating that they are ignorant. Instead of attempting to look down upon the developers, why not just state your causes and move along. If they gain traction, fantastic. If someone has questions, clarify. If people dismiss it, then it would seem to not be a pertinent issue. Flinging more mud at the staff especially considering the cough issues cough last night would seem to be a very foolish course of action.


“retro” is meant to be a broad term. With the exception of Hisako, the premise used for the new character’s retro costumes is: what would X character look like if he/she/it was made 20+ years ago.

Mimicking a dated look, is the very definition of “Retro”

OK. Thanks for the clarification. I just think its a strange choice to use the retro for new characters, but I get it. So thats it we are done nothing to see here. Move along ppl.

And…IDK how to lock threads up now so yeah…