Small change to ranked

i thought about this idea that would make ranked faster and would avoid counter picks.

The idea is that when you select search for a match you chose your character right away before it matches you with someone.

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I buy it, but with objections. You should choose after knowing your rival, but not his last used character

In ranked, your last used character should not be visible until the vs screen of the characters (same as pre ranked leagues)

Why? Because if you get paired with a player you already know, you should be able to counter pick BUT without knowing if he is doing the same

To clarify, do you mean you should see who your opponent is before choosing your character, while still being unable to see the last character the opponent has played?

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Exactly. You know who is the player, not the character

I think that would be a decent (and likely simple) change, and would likely go a long way towards reducing counter-picks. The “Last Character” thing is fine for Lobbies and Exhibition fights, but counter-picks should be next to nonexistant in Ranked, in my opinion.

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It was that way at the start of s2 and everyone complained.

People complained about not being able to see the opponent’s last chosen character? I don’t ever remember seeing anything about that on the S2 forums, and I joined them around July 2014.

No, you couldn’t see who you were fighting AT ALL until you were already in the match, which meant you had about 2 seconds to realize you were fighting a top-level player.

Removing their last character would be fine, but showing their name and level is important, because you might want to practice your lesser character on a much lower level player.


Man when they had the system where it didnt show your oppoment’s name or last character was the best.

Its Ranked afterall. You’re essentially trying to be the best overall. Now people can cherry pick one another can either counter pick or for some of y’all just leave the match before it even starts. What’s the point of playing Ranked if you can’t go in blind?

Might as well play lobbies or exhibitions if you’re trying to see how well your secondary holds up.



Take away the last character played. Keep everything else.