Slow-motion KI on PC?

So been playing KI on the PC for a bit and everything looks great. Can get a score of 1035 with everything maxed out at 1920x1080.

However the only issue I have (besides “missing text”) is that when I turn on my computer to play KI the game goes into slow-motion while the audio is normal. The only way I’m able to fix this is to restart my whole computer.

Is anybody else experiencing this? It’s not the end of the world but restarting my computer once every time I want to play KI can get annoying.

I have a friend with the same problem on a notebook. If i know some solution ill llet you know.

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Try disabling vsync from your Nvidia/AMD control panel. Fixed the slowdowns for me in KI and SFV.

I’m having the same issue on my PC, and I honestly don’t know what to do.

I’m not a PC guy, but I decided to download the game on the “All-in-One” PC just to see if it could run, and low and behold…IT DOES! But with a catch.

The game’s menu navigation is fine, but as soon as I get into a match the FPS slows down and it is just really slow. I did a bit of Google Fu and learned that I probably need to turn of “V-Sync”, but I also learned that V-Sync is a necessary part of Window 10, so I can’t turn it off.

So any PC heads out there got any ideas?

i think your system have a Gpu state bug , it goes to lower frequency and gets stuck there basically , solved by updates and bios updates , there is nothing much you can do sadly , a restart isnt a huge deal :slight_smile: hope it clears it up

you turn it off from the graphics card control panel because it over rides your game settings, if you have nvida , right click on desktop then nvidia then go to 3d settings , scroll down to vsync , leave it on application controlled . apply

What if I don’t have Nvidia? Would the process essentially be the same, but I have to find the 3d settings under the “graphics card control panel”? (I honestly don’t even know if my PC has a graphics card control panel)

yes it should have one as long as you have a graphics card ,yes same steps try to find v sync setting

Ok. Cool. Thanks.

Hi i just download the game and have the same slow motion proble, i try disabling the v-sync and its not working.

Hi, did you fix it?