SL Suggestion: fix for disconnect on Gargos

I have a suggestion based on an issue I just had. As SL stands right now, if you make it to Gargos and you somehow get disconnected, like with every other fight in SL it counts as a loss. Considering how much time some people put into their runs, I could see this as being extremely frustrating. In my case it was a minor inconvenience as I was just doing a boss rush to unlock Omen’s mimic skin on PC, but when I got to Gargos my 4-year-old got on the Xbox to watch cartoons and ended up signing me into KI on there which made me disconnect and forfeit the match.

Now I don’t have an issue with there being a penalty for disconnecting, but since you work so much for Gargos I propose that a disconnect would still wipe out your entire party, but allow the ability to resurrect your characters and try again. That way you would still be penalized resources, but not have your progress completely undone by circumstances you have little to no control over.

LULZ! Gosh, I love kids. :joy:

I know, right? Honestly I wouldn’t trade mine for the world.

Still though, imagine you were going for a leaderboard run and got up to something like turn 70, then Gargos arrived, you pick your guys & gear, have a long drawn out fight. You’re on your last guy, half a red bar, Gargos resurrects and you stuff it, and then…disconnect. Sorry, you lose, all your progress is for naught (well, not all but you get my point) and you have to start all over from scratch.