Skyrim or Watchdogs 2...that is the question

I have a dilemma. I got a bit of money for my birthday, enough for a single game, and these are my 2 most immediate options.

I REALLY want Skyrim, as even though I’ve put hundreds of hours into this game already, all I’ve ever wanted with the game is to play with mods. Well, with the remaster coming out in about a week, by dream is coming true!

On the other hand, I absolutely adored the original Watchdogs (mostly the online modes), and Watchdogs 2 looks to just take all that to the next level. Watchdogs 2 will be a wholly new experience, while Skyrim is a game I’ve already played…albeit with some potential twists and what not.

So what does the forum say? Do I go with the familiar with a twist? Or completely new experience.

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I can’t speak for Watchdogs since I was never interested but I can speak for Skyrim having spent more than enough hours on it.

Look, Skyrim is great and all, but there is nothing there that you haven’t already played. The graphical overhaul is a nice feeling and for those like me who haven’t played Skyrim in forever than it is perfect to get back into the universe and start fresh. However, if you finished Skyrim feeling fulfilled and the only reason you’d be getting it is for mods then I say wait.

It’s an awesome game, but $60 for just a graphic update isn’t that great. You aren’t getting anything new including animations or gameplay so after a few hours you’d feel the game ware on you from all the familiarity.

Despite me not enjoying Watchdogs, I say go for the new experience so you don’t end up regretting getting the new. Not like you will miss out with Skyrim.

I’m definitely getting Watch Dogs 2 (I hope :confused: )

I enjoyed the First one, with its GTA style Gameplay, and Interesting Hacking system which allowed for some cool scenarios. It’s a more realistic game being that everyone is connected to each other. And your guy wasn’t a Ezio or anything, just a trained hacker who knew a bit of parkour and was a good shot.

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t the greatest, but it wasn’t bad either. I really liked the Invading Players. Where someone could be following you in your game and you wouldn’t know it at all unless they started hacking you, or you noticed an NPC doing something or moving like a human player would do.

Looking at the footage we have and such, it seems they are trying their hardest to fix everything that was wrong with the game, as well as improve the core mechanics and such, I’ll check it out when it launches.

Skyrim? Not much to say. It’s just Skyrim with better graphics. Still the same Skyrim many years ago. Like it will be the same Skyrim I have as a 360 Game, just with a graphical update and a few other things. The core story and game mechanics haven’t changed. Mods will be cool for sure though!

If you want to get Skyrim for the mods, then get Skyrim. If not, go Watchdogs.

Well, it depends.
I’m personally gonna go with Skyrim:Special Edition, because it’s a game that we know is good, plus some extra goodies that consoles haven’t had the opportunity to play with (i.e. some graphical improvements and mod support). It’s a game we’ve already played, but at least it has a guaranteed seal of quality.

Watchdogs 2 is more of a gamble. The first game was okay from what little I played, but definitely overhyped. The marketing behind the new one seems much more sober, which is a good sign, but it’s probably best to be cautiously optimistic. The good news is it’s a whole mew game to explore and have fun with. The bad news is you can’t be sure what they’re actually going to do with it.

I dont care for either, but i say gp for wd2 as its a new game. Skyrim remastered at 60 isnt worth it wait till it gets to 40 or less.

Mods don’t come quickly, especially since the Nexus boycott. It took a while for Fallout mods to come out and will take them even longer now.

Just wanted to put that out there.

Boycott? There are already a bunch of mods out there for download, 53 as of today, but most surprising is the one I wanted the most just was made available for Xbox One; Frostfall.

I’ve resolved myself to get both Skyrim and WD2…I was kidding myself to think I could only just live with one. lol!

Nexus boycott happened when “modders” would steal the work of actual modders by simply taking the file and renaming it in their name to take credit. This lead Nexus to boycott their support with Fallout on consoles so that only items that have already been taken exist. Along with people who actually made them via the creation kit.

Bethesda still hasn’t cleaned up the mess nor addressed modders frustrations.

Frostfall is actually surprising, wonder how they managed.

IDK. That one just popped up today! I was going to push off a Skyrim re-purchase, but it seems the modding community is aggressively, or at least more aggressively that I thought they would, putting out content for the console community to download.

What is most surprising to me about this, is how small most of these mods are. I can now see why/how some people can play with literally hundreds of mods.

I modded Fallout 4 with a ton and eventually experience some slowdown when explosions were bombarding the screen. I wonder how well it will be able to manage now that they had Fallout as a testing ground.

I am a bit annoyed that achievements are disabled although I understand why they are. I personally only use lore-friendly mods so it sucks using the vanilla overlay opposed to the one that I feel fits the game best. I wish they managed a system that would off achievements to some mods that didn’t interfere with the game, but it would be a lot to do.

What are the specifications for modding Fallout? Is it the same as Skyrim? (up to 5Gb worth of mods, no mods larger than 2Gb)

Yeah, I saw that, but to me it is whatever. I’m over Achievements generally all together.

Only 2gbs of mod storage was allowed. I don’t think they capped the download size because none ever went beyond 1gb I believe. There were mods that were intended to break the game so that modders understood their capabilities but those were the only massive downloads that I saw.

Fair enough. They are pretty meaningless all-in-all. I just like to boast.