Skyrim Creation Club launched on Xbox today

While this feature has been rather controversial I decided to go in with an open mind.

We at my household decided to buy a bunch of content because admittedly most of it looks great, especially the zombie mod that adds nasty putrid undead back into TES. This was a favorite of mine because I have missed my juicy Oblivion Zombies since 2011.

Well after buying some content it has become evident that the DLCs are tied to your ACCOUNT and cannot be used by other profiles on your console, unlike literally every DLC ever made for a TES or Fallout game ever. They actually expect you to pay for each piece of content for each account as if this is suddenly an MMO or MOBA.

That’s frustrating but I thought to myself “Well if the content is tied to your Bethesda account, surely that means I can download my content on PC and enjoy it there!” Nope, that’s not a possibility either, I had hoped that there would be some silver lining to this otherwise dark cloud.

I just had to rant for a second, I heard all the bickering over the Creation Club but I felt I wanted to wait and see for myself if it was good or bad and make my own decision… Well I have and… it sucks. Not for the reasons everyone else is mad however. They touted this as a good thing for console players when in fact its another big middle finger. :wink:

Well I thought it was pretty outrageous. Carry on. :joy:

I don’t plan on buying any of those quote on quote mini DLC’s instead I’m going to enjoy free mods.

Yeah, its a lot easier to say on PC. Console mods are so limited so its much easier to justify on Xbox and especially PS4.

I play Xbox and we are getting good mods though a lot of them are female only mods which annoy me.

Same here but honestly the selection is severely limited when compared to the types of stuff that is on PC.

Sadly yes once I get the money I’m buying it for PC.