💀 Grim Reaper Shago - Ultimate Source Custom Figure 💀

After receiving the two versions of Shadow Jago via Ultimate Sources’ recent ‘Big Blowout Sale’, I decided to get a little creative with the one of the duplicate figures. (ie, I customized the Limited Edition Figure)

Ladies, Gentlemen, and the people in the back row, I present to you…


er, I mean…

Shadow Jago!

Wearing the Cloak of Death. (and Potential Idea for an Alternate Costume)

(Front View)

(Back View)

(Grim Reaper and Gatekeeper)

(Close Up)

(Acsessories: Saw Blade and Broken Scythe)

(Utensil used to make Shago’s new weapon)

(Dynamic Poses)

The Tiger’s Shadow, just got more Violent.


Too cool, man. Too cool… :sunglasses:

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Wow that’s awesome. Lol I still have that very same noob saibot toy.

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Cool! But is that a cut up old dirty sock??? …awesome!

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May you go down in history as the Forum Legend.


It remind me of Greg from Conker. Would a nice acessory set as well.


Very nice and really neat. Not bad and shabby at all too :slight_smile:

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im very impressed

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Good guess :sweat_smile:, actually the cloak and hood were cut from an old tank top I had lying around.

Although, now that you’ve mentioned it, If I had used an old sock it would’ve given the phrase “A Stinking New Custom” a very literal meaning. Lol


It reminds me of Dr. Doom, if he took up death metal.

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Can’t get more death metal than the supervillain with an iron face