Skins not available

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So with the purchase of the game we are supposed to get the terror skin pack, the omen color pack and the whole set of gold skins.

Yet whenever I got to check, all these skins appear to be completely absent (with the one exception being omen’s colors). When I go to the skin section of the store it says that these respective ones are indeed unlocked but when I go to my characters they are nowhere to be found, not even in the actual match select screen (the only exception, as I already mentioned, being omen’s colors).

(In case this is all a misunderstanding please forgive my ignorance as I have been out of the loop for a bit)


Are you checking in the character select screen? When you choose colors, you can push right to access the skins.

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Yeah when you’re choosing your colour on the Character select screen press right to bring up the skins.


Yeah it works alright, sorry for that, as I’ve said I am kinda out of the loop on cosmetics.

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