Skins not available

So with the purchase of the game we are supposed to get the terror skin pack, the omen color pack and the whole set of gold skins.

Yet whenever I got to check, all these skins appear to be completely absent (with the one exception being omen’s colors). When I go to the skin section of the store it says that these respective ones are indeed unlocked but when I go to my characters they are nowhere to be found, not even in the actual match select screen (the only exception, as I already mentioned, being omen’s colors).

(In case this is all a misunderstanding please forgive my ignorance as I have been out of the loop for a bit)

Are you checking in the character select screen? When you choose colors, you can push right to access the skins.

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Yeah when you’re choosing your colour on the Character select screen press right to bring up the skins.

Yeah it works alright, sorry for that, as I’ve said I am kinda out of the loop on cosmetics.

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