Skill Level in Ranks

What do the ranks mean to you. What skill level is at each rank. For me it is,
Qualifiers: Random. From new players to gods that never touched ranked,
Bronze: New and don’t have past FG experience.
Silver: Maybe some FG experience but not too much. Lacks some fundamentals.
Gold: Has FG experience. Has FG experience but not a lot of KI experience.
Killer: lel u r lucky Kappa Killer actually has a lot of variation but most usually have some understanding of KI mechanics.
Pro Star: You have a lot of time to play KI

Honestly, I really dislike this ranking system because you are really not able to gauge an opponent by their rank at this time. In short, this ranking system devaluates Ranked in general.

When everybody eventually gets lumped into Killer, you find that you either destroy or get destroyed without much variance in the middle.

What I loved about the old Ranking system with this 40+ ranks you could almost always count on the Rank matching the skill level.

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The big problem I had with the 40 rank system is that it could take many consecutive wins to go up a single rank, but you could then lose that rank with one or two losses, regardless of your opponent and their rank. I think my highest rank during S1 (admittedly, I was far worse at the game back then) was 12-14; I routinely ended up fighting people in the 30s and getting rocked, quickly losing what progress I had made.

Losing ranks in a system like that isn’t inherently bad, but the old system seemed to levy huge punishments for EVER losing.

At least with S3’s Rank system you lose or gain points appropriate to the opponent you’re facing (outside of losing a Promotion match, of course.)

I’m a qualifier because I just started learning ki but I have past fighting game experience, played mk9/injustice/mkx.