Skewer issue? (no, not related to counter-breaker timing)

I played a bunch of matches today and noticed strange behavior with skewer. Namely, if I knock someone down, hold up and mash HP, I will get the skewer to properly fly across the screen as much as necessary and impale my opponent. However, sometimes when I’m just a little late or my opponent quick rises, the skewer will be performed in place where I’m standing, completely missing them. Since it’s not possible to get skewer raw, I am either getting the jump somehow and then a regular aerial HP (but I really didn’t see Tusk leaving the ground at all) or there is a bug related to moving Tusk over the opponent when skewer is input at a non-perfect time. It’s a little problematic because it is very easy to punish Tusk when that move whiffs. I will scour my replays tomorrow with inputs on and see if I can find out more, but in the meantime, has anyone experienced the same issue?

EDIT: Okay, nevermind, I was jumping up first ever so slightly (mistiming the HP).