Skeleton chests all day no keys

Are skeleton keys random the chests keep dropping non stop but I can’t open them :frowning:

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you get them in rewards (few), and also can be bought in packs, possible to receive multiple per pack

I find the Idea of them just very random, and not in a fun way. would prefer another kind of mini-game chest. like a moving chest that flies across the top of the screen and you have to catch it or something.

I like the combo practice you get trying to build up 2x

I don’t I always miss it by a sliver

For Skeleton Chests: Keys can be found in Loot Packs in the Emporium, which are about the same price as a Rare pack at 1000 astral gems. You should be able to stock up on goodies pretty quick if you focus on those (and Healing Packs). :wink:

For Tank Chests: Certain characters have a much easier time than others. For example, Mira and Riptor can get 2x meterless with ease, but it’s impossible for Cinder and Shago.

not realy, they dont take potential damage so you are better off dropping your combo instead of ending them except for certain damage enders

Man… Now I’m having the opposite issue of OP. I’m getting Skeleton Keys like Halloween Candy and I’ve only seen 2 Bone Chests today.

Well, I suppose it’s better than the alternative.

I found multiple key chests are dropped right after quickly opening THe standard chest in challenging

How do you find skeleton chests? I have several skeleton keys, but I don’t know how to use them.

Also, does anyone have any tips for tank chests? I have yet to actually hit one enough to open it. What do they give you?


I never could find a skeleton key untill today where
I got 5 keys today and no chests…