Skeletal's Ranked Challenge Month Four: Tusk!

Yeah, in Ranked I will run full Ultras and taunts unless it’s someone I know in real life, from the forums, by name/fame, or I end up against a low rank player while in Gold/Killer. I run into plenty of trash talkers (I often forget to mute them at character select) or teabaggers, don’t mind taunts, and I do actually like Ultras. Not sure if you’re joking or actually upset, but I don’t really think I’m being that much of a ■■■■; I’m no teabagger!

Appreciate the feedback, let me break these out:

I have a bit of trouble with Tusk specifically with regards to capitalizing on lockouts. Occasionally I will run a combo past the lockout timer and get broken (whether a guess or a read), other times I cut it short, usually once I have three or four Ender Levels of potential on the opponent. Occasionally I mis-input something and end the combo WAY earlier than I intended to - trying to go from Immortal Spirit into an HK double occasionally ends up as an Opener-Ender because I mistime my input, for example. This is definitely somewhere I can improve.

I don’t have much to say here, honestly. I am not great when it comes to converting combos with Tusk outside of situations where I have a bar of Shadow available; some of the clips here will show me stagger my opponent and then kick or swing wildly because I managed to mess up my inputs somehow. For me, it sometimes feels like landing a heavy normal with Tusk is a simpler option, and I guess maybe I’m settling more than I should be. This, along with the low amount of time I use Tusk’s Instinct are probably the result of my allergy to Practice mode!

Probably a mix of not knowing what exactly is “unsafe,” having buffered a Shadow Skull Splitter before seeing if my previous attack hit (which usually gets Shadow Countered), and not getting the input I want. For example, sometimes I intend to crouch-HP but mis-time my inputs and get a standing HP instead. I also try to rely on Deflect to cover me, which doesn’t always work as I’m not frame-data intensive. Definitely things I can work on here, though some of it is difficult as I can’t always see if I landed a hit correctly through Tusk’s swings and particles.

Do I really? I don’t think I’m doing that on purpose; I wonder why I’m doing that. Might be a hold-over from TJ since his light spin fist is really good off of a jump or crossup.

I see what you’re saying. This makes a lot of sense, and this kind of thing is what I hate about not being a Practice kind of guy. I never really know whether a specific normal or special is “safe” exactly, just whether this feels like the right thing to do at this point in time based on past history. Deflect, for example has RUINED me during matches against Tusk in the past, but it doesn’t always work out for me, which is most likely a lack of frame knowledge and timing on my part.

I think I really have a lot to work on, and maybe I shouldn’t be too happy about reaching Killer with this kind of win/loss ratio. It sounds as though Tusk’s moveset is carrying me rather than what I’m doing with it.

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Nah, you should definitely be proud of your progress with the character and that W/L record - we’re all carried by our characters to a certain extent. That’s why we play them: because their toolsets speak to what we’re good at and like to do. The trick is just iterating and figuring out how to wring the most potential from your given character.

You’ve definitely done well with Tusk, and you should be proud of that. :slight_smile: Just want to make sure to take him (and yourself) as far as he can go.

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Are Gargos, Riptor and Sadira also considered problem matchups for Tusk? I have had some seriously difficult fights against these characters in the last few days, and the ones I did actually manage to come out on top of were extremely long struggles.

Sadira in particular was driving me insane; you’d think her constant obsession with jumping would work in my favor, but the fact that she can cancel into Widow’s Bite (the projectile) at any point means I tend to get locked down or punished trying to AA her. I have a feeling I’m doing stuff all wrong, but maybe the matchup is one Tusk is supposed to struggle with, as well.